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Romney Leads 2012 Primary Poll

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

In a poll of “Republicans and Republican leaning independents” done by Gallup September 25-26, Mitt Romney led the field of twelve potential candidates with nineteen percent. His nearest competitors were who you would expect: Palin, Huckabee, Gingrich, as potential newcomers such as Daniels and Thune have trouble gaining attention with as few people paying attention this early.

As for me, I am more interested in the latest poll from Rasmussen, showing Dino Rossi again holding a narrow lead over Patty Murray. Four and a half weeks away, voters. We are heading into October already. Time to gear up hard for this November, and worry about bringing Romney to victory in 2012 after we have reclaimed Congress.

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Mitt Romney’s Many Many Endorsements – Washington and Wyoming

August 20, 2010 1 comment

Along with the six candidates from Colorado, Free and Strong America PAC proudly announced the endorsement of Senate candidate Dino Rossi in Washington and two candidates in Wyoming.

  • Dino Rossi took 34% of the vote in Tuesday’s open primary in Washington to earn himself a bid to take on incumbent Democrat Patty Murray this November. This has been a closely watched race all summer, as polling has continuously shown Murray as surprisingly vulnerable. If Republicans are to have any chance at winning back control of the Senate in just over ten weeks, this Washington race is one of the many dominoes that will need to fall in the right direction. Rossi has experience in a statewide campaign, having lost a controversial recount battle to Christine Gregoire in the race for Governor in 2004.

    Regarding Rossi, Romney has said the following in his endorsement:

    A successful businessman and former state senator, Dino Rossi is committed to restoring fiscal discipline and transparency to Congress. Dino will stand up to the Washington culture of higher spending, higher debt, and higher taxes, and will make the tough choices necessary to get our economy back on track.

    Rossi’s tenure in the Washington State Senate back this endorsement, as in 2002, he famously led an initiative to cut unnecessary programs that saw the closing of a $2.7 billion deficit in the state budget. As a State Senator, Rossi was a bipartisan leader, able to find consensus on fiscal conservative issues in the normally left-leaning state. Accomplishing such a feat is far more difficult inside the Beltway, but Rossi has shown the principles necessary to move the country forward, and out of the mess created by the tax and spend policies of D.C:

    The problem isn’t that taxes are too low; it’s that spending is too high…  If Congress keeps spending your money at this unprecedented pace, our national debt will reach $19.6 trillion by 2015. Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of running up our nation’s credit card without considering how they’re going to pay the bill.  Congress is putting our economic future in jeopardy by continuing to spend money they don’t have.

    Rossi follows up these arguments with specific aims regarding this nation’s spending and tax policy, including extending the Bush tax cuts, eliminating the death tax, stopping the misguided aim of establishing a consumption tax, canceling unspent “porkulus” funds, and as with many of the other candidates previewed on here, seeking a balanced budget amendment.

    Dino Rossi has a strong message and an ability to see it through. This is what he will need over the coming months, that he can gain the opportunity to bring his skills to D.C. Unified, the Republican candidates gained more votes in the open primary than Patty Murray; it is now Rossi’s challenge to unite those voters behind his banner and win over others who are still undecided. In that effort, Rossi has this solid fiscal conservative message behind him. Patty Murray meanwhile has the accomplishments of runaway spending, a health care takeover, the automatic tax hike that will come into effect in January, and the remaining far left agenda that she endorses. This race is currently ranked as a toss up. Dino Rossi needs all of the help Washington voters and citizens nationwide can bring him.

    Dino Rossi for US Senate

  • In the great state of Wyoming, Matt Mead has earned Mitt Romney’s endorsement in his campaign to become the Equality State’s next governor. On Tuesday, Mead rose to the top in a narrow three way Republican primary, on his message of bringing the common sense of the private sector into a field dominated by career politicians. Currently, Wyoming fares reasonably well in the midst of this recession. As Mead points out on his campaign site, this is due to the strong pro-business and pro-taxpayer atmosphere within the state. Mead’s aim as governor is to see that this stays that way:

    Wyoming is financially sound not just by good fortune but by frugality and by law. We should continue to be fiscally conservative.

    Mead is also a champion of Wyoming’s small state rights. As he argues, too often the Beltway mentality sees D.C. politicians trampling over smaller states with sweeping intrusive federal legislation. Mead recognizes the value that Wyoming brings to the rest of the nation: its abundance of mineral resources, its parks and natural reserves, its open spaces and atmosphere for economic growth. As governor, Mead will protect these advantages, and devote himself to the rights of his state and its citizens.

    Wyoming represents a strong opportunity for a Republican state house pickup. Incumbent Democrat Dave Freudenthal, though likely eligible to seek a third term has opted not to do so.  Polling by Rasmussen Reports from just after the primaries shows Mead with a tremendous thirty-four point lead on his opponent, easily more than doubling her prospective percentage of the vote. Cook rates this race as “Likely GOP,” while Rothenberg and Real Clear Politics actually consider this seat “Safe” for the Republican candidate. Even so, the fight must continue until the race has been won.

    Matt Mead for Governor

  • Cynthia Lummis Wiederspahn, the at-large Representative in the House is the other Wyoming candidate to attract Romney’s attention, as she seeks reelection. Lummis is a freshman Republican, who won her seat against the Democrat wave in 2008 upon the retirement of Barbara Cubin. Lummis is a self described “idealist and an optimist” whose positive small-government message in Congress should receive new support in the coming Republican majority. As a former State Treasurer, she is experienced with bringing taxpayers the best for what is taken of their earnings, and ensuring that government take is kept low, that the government does not unfairly infringe upon its citzens’ finances.

    Wyoming’s at-large district has been guided wisely by Republican hands for more than three decades, since the beginning of Dick Cheney’s tenure in the seat. With the Republican trend of 2010 and the wise stewardship of Cynthia Lummis, that trend will not change this November. Polling gives the incumbent Republican a thirty point edge over her challenger, and considered “very safe.”  Nevertheless, as with Matt Mead above, no race is won until the last vote is counted, and the active support of conservatives is needed through Election Day.

    Cynthia Lummis for Congress

  • In his endorsement of the Wyoming candidates, Mitt Romney said:

    Too many of our leaders are intent on enacting policies that will grow the size of government and further stall our economic recovery.   Wyoming – and our nation – needs fiscally conservative leaders like Mead and Lummis who will work to turn our ailing economy around, and put people back to work.

    Mead, Lummis, as well as Rossi in Washington are only three of a tremendous conservative wave that is about to strike hard across this nation. For entirely too long, the tax and spend policies of Beltway minded politicians have expanded our debt, weakened our dollar, while failing to repair our economy and create jobs. This is because the government cannot repair the economy, or creating lasting private sector employment. Such can only be done within the private sector, with the government taking the initiative only in getting out of the way of business. The intrusive policies of the Obama administration have done exactly the opposite, imposing government on even the smallest details of business big and small, crippling opportunities for growth.

    It is time for conservatives to stand proud on fiscal issues, and demand the end of runaway government spending and regulation. The first step in doing so is actively supporting candidates such as Rossi, Mead, and Lummis, the six Colorado candidates previewed in the post below, and the dozens others endorsed by Governor Romney. In doing so, we will replace Beltway politicians, who believe themselves entitled to do as they will, with true American leaders who understand, live, and fight the challenges facing this nation and will do their best to see the rights and goals of the American people protected.