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Blog Note and Primary Wrap-Up.

September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

First of all a bit of a note on the blog: some minor computer issues are keeping me from doing some extensive work on here for the moment. Previews of the Nebraska endorsements, as well as Delaware Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell will come, but not for a couple of days.

Until then, congratulations to Jeff Perry, who thanks in part to Governor Romney’s help has managed to win a decisive victory in Tuesday’s primary in the 10th district of Massachusetts. There is a bit of an uphill climb from here, but Perry’s message can see him to victory in November.

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New Links!

August 21, 2010 1 comment

This is something that I have been meaning to do for a while and really is well past due. Starting today, Conservative for Mitt will include on the right hand side of the page, a series of links for some select sites giving the latest in news and information from and about Governor Romney. The list will very likely grow as the fight continues through 2010 and on to 2012, but it will begin with these five:

Free and Strong America PAC – There is no site more appropriate to headline the list of links here. It is the official site for Mitt Romney, and his Free and Strong America PAC, and has plenty for anybody seeking the latest on our next President. Head over there to watch video, keep up on the latest Romney news and op-eds, read a bit about his endorsements, and if you can, get some Mitt Romney gear at the store or contribute to the PAC.

Evangelicals for Mitt – As a Christian, I really appreciate seeing this blog. Approaching today’s issues and the efforts of Mitt Romney from a principled Christian conservative perspective, EFM shows that having strong Christian, social conservative beliefs does not necessarily require supporting only Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee. This blog understands that Mitt Romney is not the moderate voice for 2012, or strong on economic issues only, but that he shares both the fiscal, social, and moral values that have defined and continue to define great conservative leaders.

Heritage Action for America – This is the one link of these five that as far as I am aware has no formal affiliation with Governor Romney. Nevertheless, the Heritage Foundation is like-minded with him in their approach toward the New-START treaty and have been strong leaders in the fight against its ratification. Their site gives news and opinion on many other conservative causes also covered here at Conservative for Mitt, well worth taking a look.

Mitt Romney Central – As one would gather from the title, Mitt Romney Central is a grassroots blog that has just about everything you would wish if you seek news, discussion, video, upcoming events, pretty much anything Mitt-related. Along with the thorough, well-presented articles, MRC maintains an active chat box which will occasionally be brought front and center for everyone to gather to follow election results and discuss politics. In fact, it was while chatting with those who work so hard at making Mitt Romney Central great during the Georgia and Colorado primaries, that I decided it was high time to set up my links to support those who have been blogging for the Mitt Romney cause far longer than I.

Planet Romney – Planet Romney describes itself as “100% Mitt Romney News and Blogs” and is just that. The site takes all of the efforts of the dozens of Romney blogs and puts them together for easy browsing. At Planet Romney, you will find the combined feeds of articles from the Free and Strong America PAC, Evangelicals for Mitt, Mitt Romney Central, and a whole host of grassroots and state level blogs discussing Mitt Romney and the conservative efforts to restore control of the government to the people.

Anyway, these sites are some of the best places to go for news on the failings of the current administration and the positive conservative approach to the issues that will likely define the next. Links are to the right, just above Mitt Romney’s tweets. Enjoy.

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Tweets From the Man Himself.

Obviously we’re still just getting started over here at Conservative for Mitt, so expect that new features may be added or tweaked as we get up to speed. Today’s new addition, which you’ll see over to the right is an RSS feed of Gov. Romney’s twitter. Check it out to the right to see what our 45th President is saying about his activities, endorsements, the state of the nation, and the failure in leadership coming out of D.C.

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