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Romney’s Message to Obama – Tax Cuts are the Answer

September 7, 2010 Leave a comment
As the Obama administration floats another proposal for more “stimulus” spending in order to boost the stagnant economy, Mitt Romney has released the following open message to the President:
“For two years we’ve listened to President Obama say that Republicans have no ideas to boost the economy as he pursued his reckless spending policies. Now he’s finally adopting some of the job-creating incentives for which I and other Republicans have been calling.  Making the R&D tax credit permanent and letting businesses immediately write off capital expenditures will make a real difference for jobs and the economy. It’s unfortunate that it has taken the President so long to listen.
“It would be a mistake, however, to attach another spending stimulus, paid for with higher taxes, to the ideas that will actually work. Keep the good, and drop the bad.”
As Romney briefly argues, tax cuts are necessary to boost this economy, not more overinflated government spending. As the failure of the “porkulus” has shown us since 2009, any economic support given by added government spending is unsustainable and only serves to extend the recession in the long-term. Meanwhile the Bush era tax cuts are only months from lapsing bringing this nation an effective tax hike at a time when raised taxes are far from necessary. It is time to make these cuts permanent and to take positive action beyond that to provide a further low tax atmosphere so that American business can remain competitive in the world economy. This recession will end, and jobs will grow when America once again becomes a friendly place to do business.
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