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Rick Snyder: One Tough Nerd for MI Governor

Today, Governor Romney is back in his childhood home state of Michigan, where he will attend campaign events backing Michigan Republican primary winner Rick Snyder in his continuing campaign to become the state’s 48th governor. As those who have followed the race through the summer are aware, before the August 3 primary, Romney had endorsed the more conservative Republican candidate Pete Hoekstra. Now that the people of Michigan have spoken in favor of the moderate Snyder over Hoekstra, Cox, and Bouchard, Romney is leading the way in unifying conservatives behind the better candidate for the general election.

In his endorsement of Snyder, Romney succinctly explained why conservatives, Republicans, and fiscally responsible independents now need to unite behind Snyder:

“Rick Snyder is a successful businessman, manager, and job creator, which makes him uniquely qualified to lead Michigan through these challenging economic times. Rick will promote pro-growth policies that will put people back to work and get Michigan back on the right track”

Although conservatives are uncertain about some of Snyder’s views on social issues, Snyder is an outsider and reasoned fiscal conservative who will work to the benefit on economic issues. With a state as hard hit by the recession as Michigan, this is not something voters should take lightly. Snyder understands the many challenges that face Michigan today. While Bernero represents the big union interests and continuance of failed Granholm policies that have made the economic climate so severe in the state – Michigan unemployment stands upward of 13 percent – Snyder has a sweeping ten point plan to “reinvent” and “create an era of innovation in Michigan.” These include the elimination of the punishing Michigan Business Tax in favor of a simple flat corporate tax in the model of Utah or Virginia, and an effort toward government efficiency that aims to reduce more than $2 billion in government spending.

As Rick’s “One Tough Nerd” campaign argues, the next governor of Michigan will need the dedicated efforts that only a tough nerd such as Rick Snyder can bring to the state. That is, nerds “seek input from many sources. Nerds pay attention to what’s going on around them. They develop plans, and follow though, no matter what. Nerds know how to work with others to get things done. Nerds don’t take “no” for an answer.” With this nerd philosophy, Rick will see his plan of reduced taxes, reduced government, and reduced unemployment brought through for Michigan. After eight years of failed left-wing governance from Jennifer Granholm, the state desperately needs it.


Just a Note on Michigan

So, it is clear now that Pete Hoekstra finished second in the Michigan primary for Governor. Unfortunately with the conservative vote split among Hoekstra, Cox, and Bouchard, the moderate Rick Snyder managed to unify enough of a plurality to advance to the general election. It is a shame for Michigan, as Hoekstra would have made a strong governor and made some strong moves to fix the devastated economy in that state. Thwarted in the Republican primaries, there is only one moved that we, disappointed and frustrated conservatives can make now. We need to stand up and fight!

Fight for Rick Snyder.

As frustrating as it may be to know that Michigan will go at least four more years without strong conservative leadership, Rick Snyder is by far a better conservative and better leader than anybody the Democrats put up, including and especially big union favorite Virg Bernero. Michigan cannot afford to have Bernero continue in the failed liberal vein of Jennifer Granholm. 2010 will give many opportunities for conservative favorites to advance and take the fight to the left, but in this case conservatives need to unify behind the moderate Republicans and back Rick Snyder as Michigan’s next governor. Division now will only benefit the left.