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Romney Endorsements in the West

September 9, 2010 1 comment

This has not all been announced on, but reports state that Governor Romney has endorsed three more candidates around the country, Arizona’s David Schweikert, Oregon’s Jim Huffman, and Denny Rehberg of Montana.

David Schweikert has won Mitt Romney’s endorsement as one of the Republican “Young Guns,” and is seeking to unseat incumbent Harry Mitchell in Arizona’s 5th district. On his campaign site, Schweikert sums up his campaign mission as, “I will fight for our Constitutional liberties and pro-economic growth policies that defend free markets and free people.” Among these Constitutional liberties is the freedom from mandates and high taxes that come with the health care takeover. Second Amendment rights are also important to Schweikert, who as a gun owner has a strong voting record supporting the protection of the right to bear arms. Along with these, come Schweikert’s support for low taxes and low spending, a small government antidote to the troubles exacerbated by the irresponsible policies of the leftist leadership in D.C.

A recent poll from American Action forum shows Schweikert leading Mitchell by a reasonable six point margin: 50-44. The polling also shows Schweikert regarded as stronger on the economy and Mitchell on the wrong side of public opinion on the health care takeover. With the economy consistently rated as by far the most important issue of voters this cycle, and with support for the repeal of Obamacare holding at over 55%, this represents a strong advantage for Schweikert. The district is currently rated as a toss up by Cook and Real Clear Politics.

David Schweikert for Congress

  • Jim Huffman is attempting the difficult task of dislodging Ron Wyden from his seat in the U.S. Senate. Wyden has not been considered particularly vulnerable even in this cycle, with polling showing him leading Huffman by 10-20 points. Nevertheless, this year has seen the unattainable move within reach for conservatives as the public grows ever more weary of the indifference to public opinion on the part of the Democrat leadership in D.C. Huffman’s message of lowering taxes and paying down the debt could yet bring this race further into play for Republicans. Romney’s endorsement, proudly shown on Hufmann’s campaign site, states:

    Jim Huffman will be a leader fighting for lower taxes, controls on spending and the pro-growth policies that are necessary to create jobs and get our economy moving again. As a constitutional scholar, he understands that big government and liberal spending programs threaten the personal freedom and individual liberty that are at the core of our democracy.

    On these issues, Huffman argues, truthfully that Republicans lost control in 2006 and 2008 in part due to reckless spending. Democrats have since taken it completely out of control. Huffman backs several strong conservative measures to restrain this while bringing the economy back on track. These include a balanced budget amendment, the elimination of earmarks, cutting and eliminating unnecessary federal programs, and the extension of the Bush era tax cuts. Compared to the Wyden record of increased spending and government mandates, this is a very compelling message.

    Jim Huffman for U.S. Senate

  • Denny Rehberg, seeking reelection to Congress in the only statewide district in Montana is the one endorsement among these three that has so far been announced on the website for Free and Strong America PAC. Rehberg is a conservative stalwart that has represented Montana since 2001, easily weathering the storms in 2006 and 2008. Rehberg is a proud supporter of America’s troops and works hard to represent the interests of our veterans overseas and after their return home. Economically, Rehberg is a firm supporter of tax reform. His campaign site, unlike many others, does not reflect his interests for the future, but instead sets out his record of what he has done so far for Montana. With this record including his support for the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, tax relief for Montana’s small business, and his sponsorship of legislation to “reclaim the hundreds of billions of dollars in unspent stimulus money currently sitting in various federal agencies and bureaus,” Rehberg establishes his past conservative leadership that he will also bring to Montana’s future.

    Rehberg has received a $2,500 contribution from Free and Strong America PAC in order to further guarantee his return to the House. Along with this, Rehberg received this personal endorsement from Romney:

    With over 30 years of experience as a small businessman and public servant, Denny Rehberg understands the importance of enacting pro-growth policies that will turn our troubled economy around and put people back to work. A committed fiscal conservative, Denny will continue to fight for lower taxes and fiscal discipline and that is why I am standing with him today.

    Denny Rehberg for Congress – Working Hard. Making a Difference.


    Mitt Romney’s Many Many Endorsements – Washington and Wyoming

    August 20, 2010 1 comment

    Along with the six candidates from Colorado, Free and Strong America PAC proudly announced the endorsement of Senate candidate Dino Rossi in Washington and two candidates in Wyoming.

  • Dino Rossi took 34% of the vote in Tuesday’s open primary in Washington to earn himself a bid to take on incumbent Democrat Patty Murray this November. This has been a closely watched race all summer, as polling has continuously shown Murray as surprisingly vulnerable. If Republicans are to have any chance at winning back control of the Senate in just over ten weeks, this Washington race is one of the many dominoes that will need to fall in the right direction. Rossi has experience in a statewide campaign, having lost a controversial recount battle to Christine Gregoire in the race for Governor in 2004.

    Regarding Rossi, Romney has said the following in his endorsement:

    A successful businessman and former state senator, Dino Rossi is committed to restoring fiscal discipline and transparency to Congress. Dino will stand up to the Washington culture of higher spending, higher debt, and higher taxes, and will make the tough choices necessary to get our economy back on track.

    Rossi’s tenure in the Washington State Senate back this endorsement, as in 2002, he famously led an initiative to cut unnecessary programs that saw the closing of a $2.7 billion deficit in the state budget. As a State Senator, Rossi was a bipartisan leader, able to find consensus on fiscal conservative issues in the normally left-leaning state. Accomplishing such a feat is far more difficult inside the Beltway, but Rossi has shown the principles necessary to move the country forward, and out of the mess created by the tax and spend policies of D.C:

    The problem isn’t that taxes are too low; it’s that spending is too high…  If Congress keeps spending your money at this unprecedented pace, our national debt will reach $19.6 trillion by 2015. Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of running up our nation’s credit card without considering how they’re going to pay the bill.  Congress is putting our economic future in jeopardy by continuing to spend money they don’t have.

    Rossi follows up these arguments with specific aims regarding this nation’s spending and tax policy, including extending the Bush tax cuts, eliminating the death tax, stopping the misguided aim of establishing a consumption tax, canceling unspent “porkulus” funds, and as with many of the other candidates previewed on here, seeking a balanced budget amendment.

    Dino Rossi has a strong message and an ability to see it through. This is what he will need over the coming months, that he can gain the opportunity to bring his skills to D.C. Unified, the Republican candidates gained more votes in the open primary than Patty Murray; it is now Rossi’s challenge to unite those voters behind his banner and win over others who are still undecided. In that effort, Rossi has this solid fiscal conservative message behind him. Patty Murray meanwhile has the accomplishments of runaway spending, a health care takeover, the automatic tax hike that will come into effect in January, and the remaining far left agenda that she endorses. This race is currently ranked as a toss up. Dino Rossi needs all of the help Washington voters and citizens nationwide can bring him.

    Dino Rossi for US Senate

  • In the great state of Wyoming, Matt Mead has earned Mitt Romney’s endorsement in his campaign to become the Equality State’s next governor. On Tuesday, Mead rose to the top in a narrow three way Republican primary, on his message of bringing the common sense of the private sector into a field dominated by career politicians. Currently, Wyoming fares reasonably well in the midst of this recession. As Mead points out on his campaign site, this is due to the strong pro-business and pro-taxpayer atmosphere within the state. Mead’s aim as governor is to see that this stays that way:

    Wyoming is financially sound not just by good fortune but by frugality and by law. We should continue to be fiscally conservative.

    Mead is also a champion of Wyoming’s small state rights. As he argues, too often the Beltway mentality sees D.C. politicians trampling over smaller states with sweeping intrusive federal legislation. Mead recognizes the value that Wyoming brings to the rest of the nation: its abundance of mineral resources, its parks and natural reserves, its open spaces and atmosphere for economic growth. As governor, Mead will protect these advantages, and devote himself to the rights of his state and its citizens.

    Wyoming represents a strong opportunity for a Republican state house pickup. Incumbent Democrat Dave Freudenthal, though likely eligible to seek a third term has opted not to do so.  Polling by Rasmussen Reports from just after the primaries shows Mead with a tremendous thirty-four point lead on his opponent, easily more than doubling her prospective percentage of the vote. Cook rates this race as “Likely GOP,” while Rothenberg and Real Clear Politics actually consider this seat “Safe” for the Republican candidate. Even so, the fight must continue until the race has been won.

    Matt Mead for Governor

  • Cynthia Lummis Wiederspahn, the at-large Representative in the House is the other Wyoming candidate to attract Romney’s attention, as she seeks reelection. Lummis is a freshman Republican, who won her seat against the Democrat wave in 2008 upon the retirement of Barbara Cubin. Lummis is a self described “idealist and an optimist” whose positive small-government message in Congress should receive new support in the coming Republican majority. As a former State Treasurer, she is experienced with bringing taxpayers the best for what is taken of their earnings, and ensuring that government take is kept low, that the government does not unfairly infringe upon its citzens’ finances.

    Wyoming’s at-large district has been guided wisely by Republican hands for more than three decades, since the beginning of Dick Cheney’s tenure in the seat. With the Republican trend of 2010 and the wise stewardship of Cynthia Lummis, that trend will not change this November. Polling gives the incumbent Republican a thirty point edge over her challenger, and considered “very safe.”  Nevertheless, as with Matt Mead above, no race is won until the last vote is counted, and the active support of conservatives is needed through Election Day.

    Cynthia Lummis for Congress

  • In his endorsement of the Wyoming candidates, Mitt Romney said:

    Too many of our leaders are intent on enacting policies that will grow the size of government and further stall our economic recovery.   Wyoming – and our nation – needs fiscally conservative leaders like Mead and Lummis who will work to turn our ailing economy around, and put people back to work.

    Mead, Lummis, as well as Rossi in Washington are only three of a tremendous conservative wave that is about to strike hard across this nation. For entirely too long, the tax and spend policies of Beltway minded politicians have expanded our debt, weakened our dollar, while failing to repair our economy and create jobs. This is because the government cannot repair the economy, or creating lasting private sector employment. Such can only be done within the private sector, with the government taking the initiative only in getting out of the way of business. The intrusive policies of the Obama administration have done exactly the opposite, imposing government on even the smallest details of business big and small, crippling opportunities for growth.

    It is time for conservatives to stand proud on fiscal issues, and demand the end of runaway government spending and regulation. The first step in doing so is actively supporting candidates such as Rossi, Mead, and Lummis, the six Colorado candidates previewed in the post below, and the dozens others endorsed by Governor Romney. In doing so, we will replace Beltway politicians, who believe themselves entitled to do as they will, with true American leaders who understand, live, and fight the challenges facing this nation and will do their best to see the rights and goals of the American people protected.

    Mitt Romney’s Many Many Endorsements – Colorado

    In an effort to advance the oncoming sweep of conservative candidates through both Houses of Congress – and possibly also to keep a dude like me really busy – Mitt Romney has endorsed a whole slew of candidates across the west. Six candidates in the state of Colorado received Mitt Romney’s endorsement yesterday afternoon. Ken Buck, running for U.S. Senate, will receive $5,000 from Free and Strong America PAC for his campaign. Romney will also lend his support to three candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, each receiving $2,500, as well as the races for Colorado Attorney General, and State Treasurer. These endorsements come alongside announcements backing candidates in Washington and Wyoming, which will be covered in the next post, but first: Colorado.

  • Ken Buck is the highlight of the 2010 for Colorado Republicans as he was the highlight of the primaries on August 10.  He defeated Jane Norton in a hotly contested race that until now has seen little attention from top Republican leaders nationally. It is definitely due time for Romney and his colleagues to step forward for Buck. He was the better candidate in the primary and will be an effective fiscal warrior for the people of Colorado. Buck is a fighter on taxes. He has committed himself to the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promoted by Americans for Tax Reform promising to continue the fight for lower taxes, as government insiders seek to raise taxes to pay for and justify their increased spending. Ken Buck rightfully sees this spending as “counterproductive;” he seeks less taxes, less spending, less government.

    Buck is running to unseat incumbent Michael Bennet, who was appointed to his seat when Ken Salazar left to join the Obama administration. It was he who famously argued that he would proudly vote to impose the disastrous health care takeover on the American public even if doing so meant that he would lose the election. Well, Bennet voted for Obamacare, and now Ken Buck is here to fulfill the rest of the statement. This race in Colorado is a toss up. PPP hosted a poll of 1015 registered voters just before the primary and showed Bennet with a narrow three point lead. Rasmussen polled 750 likely voters just after the primary and showed Buck leading 46-41. Either way Bennet is clearly vulnerable, but work is still yet to be done before Ken Buck can be assured of winning his way to the U.S. Senate.

    Support the Movement – Buck for Colorado

  • Ryan Frazier is running for Congress in the notably competitive 7th district. Frazier is an Aurora City Councilman who has joined his colleagues in successfully establishing a balanced budget and promoting small-business growth in his community. Although arguing that the Republican party is too focused on social issues, Frazier will do well in serving Colorado as a bold fiscal conservative in a time when fiscal conservatism needs to be the priority for Republican leadership and this nation as a whole.  On economic issues, Frazier is rock solid, and shows a rational common sense approach, arguing for instance that “the reckless spending in Washington today is just a tax increase that we postpone until tomorrow.” He is correct. The government in D.C. is effectively raising our taxes through their excessive spending. Individuals such as Frazier must be sent to Washington to reduce the overinflated government before the punishing tax increases further damage business and finish off our weakened economy.

    Ryan Frazier is looking to unseat incumbent Democrat Ed Perlmutter. In a district known for its even partisan split that should foster an even hand in its representatives, Frazier has been a 98% reliable rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi and her far-left agenda. As a result, Perlmutter is not safe in his seat. Though still leaning in favor of the incumbent, Frazier has a strong chance in flipping this seat, for the benefit of the American taxpayer in this independently minded district.

    Ryan Frazier for Colorado

  • Cory Gardner is seeking to return the 4th district to Republican hands. The 4th, in eastern Colorado, was for decades represented by strong Republican leaders, including future Senators Hank Brown and Wayne Allard and the strong conservative Marilyn Musgrave. In 2008, Democrat Betsy Markey gained the seat in the midst of the leftist wave, and has sought to represent her conservative district by being a 94% solid vote for the Nancy Pelosi agenda. She has voted to support cap-and-trade and is backed by the notoriously left-wing EMILY’s list, dedicated to thwarting the pro-life cause in America.

    Gardner is a conservative leader in the General Assembly for the state of Colorado, and has been declared a Guardian of the Taxpayer by the Colorado Union of Taxpayers. Gardner intends to follow up on this as a representative for CO-4 in the House by promoting a multi-point plan to reduce spending and reduce government. This includes a balanced budget amendment, capped federal spending, the elimination of ineffective and redundant government programs and agencies, and the backing of the “Enumerated Powers Act” that seeks to restrict Congressional authority more closely to that given by the U.S. Constitution. Gardner’s responsible conservative message is resonating with the voters of eastern Colorado. This race is rated as a “Toss Up” by Cook, and has actually been moved to “Republican favored” by Rothenberg.

    Cory Gardner for Congress

  • Scott Tipton is also a representative in the state General Assembly and is seeking support from voters of the 3rd district, in his bid for the U.S. House of Representatives. On Tuesday, August 10, Tipton won a well-fought primary battle against attorney Bob McConnell to win the right to unseat John Salazar. Tipton supports reduced spending, reduced taxes, a repeal of the health care bill, and a strong second amendment. Meanwhile he proudly opposes abortion, cap-and-trade, and the death tax. There really is nothing more that a conservative can ask for in a candidate than what Scott Tipton offers for the people of Colorado. Tipton maintains a solid mix of fiscal and social conservative beliefs, with his bid for Congress inspired by his concern for the economy. Tipton’s campaign site reflects the frustration all Americans have had with Washington, which as Tipton asserts has responded to growing unemployment with “a “stimulus” bill of nearly $1 trillion in spending on liberal pet projects and wasteful government programs.” Washington needs an influx of principled outsiders to deflate the overlarge government and bring a message of fiscal responsibility back to Congress. Scott Tipton fits that mold.

    Tipton’s opponent, incumbent Democrat John Salazar took the district in the open race to succeed retiring Republican Scott McInnis. Since then he has claimed his moderate credentials to win solid victories in the conservative district during the Democrat waves of 2006 and 2008. In the Repubican year that will be 2010, his claims as a moderate are looking quite weak. He has backed Democrat leadership in 97% of votes, and remains quite proud of his vote in favor of the health care takeover. His indifference to the will of his constituent could cost him this November, and hopefully will. This race is ranked as “Leans Democrat,” and with the Republican primary settled is only likely to shift in favor of Tipton; Salazar is by no means safe.

    Scott Tipton for Congress

  • At the state level, John Suthers has received Mitt Romney’s backing as Colorado’s Attorney General. Suthers has served the interests of the people of Colorado throughout his life, in both the private and public sectors. As Attorney General, Suthers has focused on criminal justice, in strengthening DNA testing, fighting the spread of drug use, and leading the fight against pedophilia. Beyond this, he has been unafraid to go toe to toe against the Obama administration in protecting the Constutional rights of Colorado citizens. Suthers is part of the charge across many states in arguing against the blatant Constitutional violation that is the Obamacare individual mandate. Through all, Suthers has been and will continue to be a crusader for the protection of the practical individual rights guaranteed to all by natural law, a principled man who deserves reelection.

    John Suthers for Colorado’s Attorney General

  • Finally, Walker Stapleton has received Romney’s blessing in his effort to serve Colorado as State Treasurer. Stapleton is an intelligent MBA who has made his way successfully in the private sector and understands the many challenges that investors face from a lingering recession and invasive government. As Treasurer, he will fight to protect the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which wisely caps the growth of government spending and gives voters an opportunity to refuse unnecessary tax hikes. As Stapleton explains on his campaign site, leftists in the state government are trying their hardest to eliminate or subvert the protections that the Taxpayer Bill of Rights provide for citizens of Colorado. Stapleton’s election would send Denver a defender for the Colorado taxpayer, much needed as leftist tax and spend policies continue to weaken the economic climate across the nation.

    Walker Stapleton for State Treasurer

  • This series of Colorado candidates have not just received Romney’s backing by default, because they have an “R” next to their names. These are fiscal warriors, seeking to provide America’s need for rational, small government leaders who will bring us out of the fiscal nightmare caused by the reckless policies of the Obama administration and the Pelosi-Reid congress. In endorsing these candidates, Governor Romney stated:

    At a time when we need leaders who will enact pro-growth policies that will turn our economy around and put people back to work, too many of our elected officials continue to pursue a counterproductive, big-government agenda that will burden our children and grandchildren for years to come. It is critical that we elect leaders who will make the tough decisions necessary to get our country back on the right track, and that is why I am standing with these candidates today.

    For Colorado, Romney has chosen a strong group of future leaders, as he has similarly done with Washington and Wyoming and across the nation. Overviews of Romney’s endorsements in Washington and Wyoming, including Dino Rossi, will come in the next post.

    Romney Rolls Out NC Endorsments and Contributions.

    Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC is backing Richard Burr in his effort to retain his seat in the U.S. Senate representing the state of North Carolina. The News & Observer blog is reporting that Romney has contributed $5,000 toward the campaign of the incumbent Senator. Burr has been a mainstream conservative influence in Washington during these past six years in the Senate and since his election to the House during the conservative sweep of 1994. Now, as Republicans seek another conservative sweep in the face of the overreaching government led by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, the need to maintain the seats they already hold is an overwhelmingly important task. Despite this Republican year, Burr has occasionally looked somewhat vulnerable causing some pundits, probably incorrectly, to question if this anti-Democrat year is in fact an anti-incumbent year. Burr has nevertheless maintained a steady advantage over Democrat candidate Elaine Marshall in fundraising and cash on hand. Lately polling seems to be moving in a direction that favors Burr. In July, polling has shown the Republican between five and fifteen points ahead of his rival, and sometimes topping the crucial fifty percent mark. Although the election is not yet won, most indexes now see this as either Lean Republican or Likely Republican, and Romney’s continued support should help further that favorable trend.

    Burr for Senate

  • Howard Coble, longtime incumbent in the 6th District has also received Romney’s support in his latest reelection effort. Coble is a veteran conservative, unafraid to speak his opinions in favor of strong agriculture and strong business, and against drug use, government-run health care, and the failed stimulus. He has been a reliable leader in the House in the efforts to stop the leftist Pelosi agenda, and will certainly continue to advance conservative causes throughout the remainder of his career. Coble is a stalwart that any conservative can look up to, which could lead him to be a target for the left. Even so, this race is considered by most to be safe for the Republicans once again this year.  Although Coble has a determined opponent in Sam Turner, it is doubtful that the voters in this conservative district will oust this strong willed conservative in favor of a continuance of the Pelosi-Reid leadership.

    Howard Coble for Congress

  • Virginia Foxx is the third incumbent among Governor Romney’s latest North Carolina endorsements.  Foxx is the successor to Richard Burr, winning his old district in 2004 as he sought and successfully won his way into the Senate. Since then she has easily weathered the Democrat onslaughts of 2006 and 2008, and will likely do well this year to see the next Republican majority in the House. Foxx is another outspoken conservative, heroically leading an attempt in the final days of the Bush administration to block $350 billion of unnecessary spending as a part of the TARP package, even winning bipartisan approval in the House before being ignored in the Senate. Foxx is a strong advocate for the taxpayer, consistently seeking to lower the tax burden for the people and decrease the superfluous spending habits of Washington. It is for good reason that Foxx is considered safe to defeat challenger Billy Kennedy in the 5th district. She will do well as a leader of the fiscal conservative agenda that will define the Republican majority in the 112th Congress.

    Virginia Foxx for Congress

  • Harold Johnson represents a strong pickup opportunity for Republicans in the 8th district. Johnson also represents limited government, tax reform, energy independence and many other mainstream conservative values that make him a strong candidate to unseat freshman incumbent Larry Kissell. Johnson is a grinder, one who worked tirelessly in a heated primary to win himself the opportunity to be the Republican challenger to Kissell and his support for the leftist leadership in Washington. Although a contentious primary often means division and bitterness within party ranks, Johnson is certain to apply the same tireless effort to unifying the base behind his solid conservative principles, and moving toward victory this November.

    The voters of NC-8, who elected Kissell by a ten point margin in the wake of Obama’s heavy efforts to win the state of North Carolina, have previously favored Republicans sending Robin Hayes to Washington five times before his 2008 defeat. This race is currently considered anywhere between Lean Democrat to Toss Up, or Lean Republican takeover. Polling in June, before the Republican primary runoff, showed Johnson within six points of Kissell, with the incumbent Democrat winning only 41% of the vote. Despite his votes against the health care bill and cap-and-trade, Kissell has supported Pelosi’s agenda 95% of the time, and can easily be painted as a liberal in a conservative district in a conservative year. Although Kissell’s second quarter fund raising efforts have been noticeably weak, he does have an advantage in cash on hand. This is something that Romney’s endorsement and $2,500 contribution should help counter.

    Vote Harold

  • Finally, Jeff Miller has received support in his attempt to defeat blue dog Democrat Heath Shuler in the 11th district.  Miller is considered by many to have an uphill battle ahead of him; this race is rated as Likely Democrat by most indexes. Still, Shuler is not considered safe, and has had to maintain a precarious centrist position during his two terms representing the conservative leaning 11th district in North Carolina. The 2010 elections will be about undoing the mistaken faith placed in the Democrat leadership during 2006 and 2008, and the key to defeating Shuler will be to paint him as a phony moderate, undependable to the true conservative electorate of the 11th district and ultimately another vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. Shuler has voted against Democrat leadership on many high profile issues, including the stimulus in 2008, the porkulus in 2009, the health care takeover, and cap-and-trade. Nevertheless, Shuler is not a conservative and not an adequate substitute for the real thing for conservative voters of NC-11. Shuler is rated by as a “liberal leaning populist,” with a tendency to favor federal funding for health coverage, affirmative action for women and minorities, while opposing school choice and free trade. Although considered a Blue Dog moderate, Shuler does still vote with party leadership 84% of the time.

    Our candidate, Jeff Miller, meanwhile, shares Shuler’s widely praised pro-life, pro-second amendment views, accompanying them with proactive stances seeking to reduce punishing capital gains taxes that are hurting business growth, and limit the runaway government spending that is weakening faith in the American government and economy. Miller is strong on national security issues, seriously approaching the precarious balance of protecting our nation and her allies, while maintaining the integrity of our individual rights. In short, Jeff Miller is a principled conservative, genuinely holding values that are inviolable – not a “conservative” of convenience, a reed shaken in the wind molding his opinion as he sees fit to gain another term in power.

    Jeff Miller 2010

  • Overall, this is a strong group for the state of North Carolina, and the nation as a whole. Considering the general conservative nature of North Carolina as part of the right-leaning New South, this will be a prime battlefield in the fights for 2010 and 2012. Obama was able to help Democrats to victory in 2008, but his popularity in governing as a partisan leftist in opposition to public opinion has weakened his one-time strength in the Tar Heel State. This, along with the vast unpopularity of Democrat Congressional leadership, will strongly weaken Democrat prospects in moderate and conservative districts. Challenges that may have gained traction other years will falter, while incumbents in formerly Republican districts are at risk – even those trying to hold a moderate line are not safe. 2010 is a Republican year, possibly as strong as 1994. Possibly greater than 1994. Mitt Romney is among the many to see that. With these endorsements Romney is also seeing the potential for expanded success by principled conservative incumbents, and likelihood of the valuable ideas from the new candidates of today becoming the conservative legislation from the leaders of tomorrow.

    Romney Fundraising for CA

    At least, this is what is being reported by Fox News. Its buried in the story a bit, but Romney’s ongoing tour of the nation appears to include stops on the behalf of Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, who is challenging Barbara Boxer in California. As a conservative, I have mixed feelings about Fiorina. During the primaries I thought Chuck DeVore might have been the more conservative candidate. Of course, the primaries are behind us now and it is time to rally around Fiorina. To her credit she is running a solid, conservative campaign, and is unafraid of arguing her pro-life position in a state that is conventionally considered to have a largely pro-abortion electorate. Such a move shows courage, a dedication to principle, and a willingness to differentiate herself from Boxer and the current Democrat majority of the Senate. A strong candidate such as that is deserving of all of the help Governor Romney, and all conservatives can give.

    Anyway, Romney is not the only one scheduled to drum up some support and money on her behalf. Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani are also on the list. Sarah Palin has also endorsed Fiorina, and will likely join in. This is all very important, because Boxer is vulnerable but has a pretty significant war chest backing her up. Carly can win this, but she needs the money to finance the campaign, beyond digging into her own personal wealth.

    Recent polling varies from Boxer up by 7 points (Rasmussen), to Fiorina up by two (Survey USA). No poll in recent months shows Barbara Boxer meeting the fifty percent threshold considered for an incumbent candidate to be considered remotely safe. Most indexes currently show this race somewhere between Lean D and pure Toss Up. The feeling is that Fiorina needs just a little bit more to take this one, and hopefully the support of Mitt Romney and his fellow big name conservatives can help her take that step in getting it done. Democrats may think that they have a stranglehold on California. Hopefully this is the year that citizens of the Golden State remember their conservative side. They did, after all, give us Ronald Reagan.

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