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RIP Ted Stevens

News has broken today that tells us that former Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska was aboard a small plane that crashed Monday. Although, as reported by KTUU in Anchorage, there were survivors, including former NASA head Sean O’Keefe, Senator Stevens was confirmed dead.

Today, Alaska mourns one who worked tirelessly for them throughout his career. Conservatives meanwhile mourn one who once was believed a typical Beltway politician, but who we later found was a victim of a terrible miscarriage of justice. Stevens flew in the Pacific theater for the Army Air Force during World War II, was a major player in winning Alaska her statehood in 1959, and served forty years in the Senate. In some instances, conservatives may have disagreed with Senator Stevens, his spending, or his moderate views on some social issues. In the end though, the man spent most of his eighty-six years serving his country, and was a leader for his state.

Stevens killed in crash near Dillingham –

Geraghty’s take on the events of Stevens’ trial

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