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The Close Contest Continues in NY-25…

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment

…and thankfully, Governor Romney is still finding ways to support his candidates. Along with helping finance Buerkle’s post-election campaign during the absentee counts and any future recounts, Romney is also helping the efforts of Randy Altschuler in NY-01 and David Harmer in Calfornia, who are both locked in tight races with extensive counts.

As for Buerkle, the numbers before the Cayuga county absentee votes showed her maintaining a lead of 684. Cayuga county began counting Wednesday and will finish today, when Monroe County is expected to begin. Wayne County, a Buerkle stronghold will begin their count on Monday, and Onondaga County – the largest, containing the city of Syracuse – will count their absentee ballots starting on Wednesday, November 17.

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