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Mitt Romney’s Many Many Endorsements – Oklahoma

Along with Mary Fallin, the gubernatorial candidate previewed on her within the polling roundup, Mitt Romney has endorsed several candidates from the state of Oklahoma. Continuing the nationwide sweep that has given support to dozens of 2010 candidates from a variety of states, Romney said regarding these Oklahoma conservatives:

Oklahoma – and our nation – deserves leaders who will focus on enacting pro-growth policies that will put people back to work. Too many of our elected officials are instead more interested in growing the size of government, and that is why it is more critical than ever that we elect leaders who will make the tough decisions necessary to turn our struggling economy around.

Fallin has shown that she is indeed concerned with bringing growth to the economy of Oklahoma, as do the following five individuals. Romney’s Oklahoma endorsements include Fallin’s potential Lieutenant Governor, three incumbent Congressmen seeking a return to their seats, and Fallin’s potential successor in the fifth district.

  • Todd Lamb is a former Secret Service agent and current State Senator who is now seeking to become the next Lt. Governor. In July, he easily won the Republican primary and has since been touring the state seeking the support of voters. Lamb also assists an energy company in Oklahoma and is well aware of the energy issues facing the state. He is a firm believer in advancing energy technology and the benefits that promoting private enterprise in the field can bring to Oklahoma. Alongside potential governor Mary Fallin, Lamb will work to encourage business to come to Oklahoma to grow the economy and create jobs. In doing so, he will promote low taxes and a friendly business atmosphere.

    Todd Lamb for Lieutenant Governor

  • Tom Cole is a strong conservative who has represented the 4th district since 2003. He has received Romney’s endorsement in his effort to seek reelection to a fifth term. Cole has remained popular in his district, not even attracting challengers from the Democrats, yet his message still deserves to be published as he prepares to return to the House with much more conservative support. Cole’s conservative principles are guided by something of a laissez-faire approach to economics, as he argues that government has a tendency to be an obstacle to the growth of business and agriculture. When reelected, Cole will continue his efforts toward getting government out of the way, so that small business, farmers, and individual taxpayers can begin the work of revitalizing the American economy.

    Cole for Congress

  • Frank Lucas is seeking reelection from the 3rd district where he has represented northwestern Oklahoma, including the panhandle since his victory amidst the conservative revolution of 1994. An experienced conservative, Lucas understands the challenges of representing a district as expansive as Oklahoma’s 3rd. Much of the area is rural, and Lucas, as with his colleague Tom Cole maintains a close eye on the state of the agricultural industry. Lucas is himself a farmer and a rancher and knows firsthand of the difficulties in the agricultural industry during this recession and the technological advances that can influence the recovery. Lucas is also a strong social conservative, fighting to protect the traditional values of God and country.

    Frank Lucas for Congress

  • John Sullivan represents the 1st district covering the majority of Tulsa where he is safe to win reelection this year. Sullivan is a rock solid social conservative known for his staunch protection of the right to life. Economically, Sullivan is active in seeing the growth of the energy industry, which is vastly important to central Oklahoma. His campaign site addresses the issues surrounding the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the many failings of the Obama administration in handling it. Recognizing the many jobs at stake, Sullivan rejects the unnecessary energy taxes sought by leftists in D.C, instead arguing in favor of seeking energy independence through the growth of natural gas production. Beyond this, Sullivan backs a general conservative platform, seeking lower taxes, reduced spending, and the repeal of the unconstitutional health care takeover.

    John Sullivan for Congress

  • James Lankford is running for the 5th district open seat, left by Fallin for her gubernatorial run. Lankford won the right to contest this by narrowly defeating a host of candidates in the Republican primary, then handily overcoming challenger Kevin Calvey in last week’s runoff. James Lankford is a proud Christian and family man, active in promoting traditional family values including the right to life, abstinence education, and school choice. Arguing, as he puts it, that “the best way to ensure a strong nation is to have strong families,” Lankford will bring his pro-family principles into the economic sphere, seeking an end to the tax penalties that punish families, and hinder the growth of small businesses and jobs. Lankford is also a member of the Heritage Foundation, which has taken the lead in developing a conservative approach to the many vast challenges that face America today. Across the board, Lankford is a strong candidate to be the next representative for Oklahoma’s fifth district and is very likely to see victory in November.

    Families for James Lankford


    Polling Roundup – Mitt’s Picks for Governor.

    This past week has seen new polling regarding several strong Republican gubernatorial candidates endorsed by Mitt Romney. Himself a former Governor of Massachusetts, Romney understands the sort of executive capability it takes to make a strong governor. Therefore, it is no surprise that the following polls generally show good news for these Republicans.

  • First, in California, where the early trend favoring Jerry Brown has faded according to two polls released this month showing Meg Whitman moving into the lead. Survey USA, polling early in the month, was the first to show Whitman moving ahead, though only narrowly, taking a 44-43 lead over Brown in a poll of 602 likely voters.

    This past week, Rasmussen has followed up on this with a poll of 750 likely voters showing Whitman ahead by a more significant eight point margin. In this poll Whitman leads 48-40, and breaks the 50% barrier when “leaners” are included, leading 51-43. The toplines of the poll also show an advantage for Whitman in favorability ratings. 30% hold a very favorable opinion of Whitman, to 25% very unfavorable. Brown meanwhile is underwater at 25/38. Good news for Meg Whitman all around.

  • For South Carolina, Rasmussen Reports has released a poll just today that shows Nikki Haley leading Democrat Vincent Sheheen by a solid sixteen point margin, 52-36. This is consistent with the July poll in the state, although this month shows Haley up over the crucial 50% mark. The poll also shows Haley with stronger favorability ratings than Sheheen, and stronger name recognition.

  • On top of these, today has brought another gubernatorial endorsement from Mitt Romney, as he has turned his attention toward the state of Oklahoma.  Mary Fallin headlines the Republican ticket for Sooners, in her quest to become the state’s next governor. Fallin is a former Lt. Governor in Oklahoma and currently represents the 5th district in the U.S. House of Representatives. In July, she defeated Randy Brogdon and two other candidates to win the Republican nomination for governor. She proudly runs on her strong conservative voting record as a member of the House Republican minority during these past four years, reminding voters in Tom Coburn’s state that when faced with a leftist agenda, there is nothing wrong with the word “No.” Her gubernatorial campaign centers around making Oklahoma a strong state for doing business. With low taxes and reduced spending , Fallin intends to keep Oklahoma away from the economic stagnation that is facing New York, and the high unemployment of Granholm’s Michigan.

    As for the polling, Rasmussen Reports today shows Fallin leading by a solid 52-37 margin over her rival Jari Askins. This is consistent with previous surveys and shows a race maintaining steadily as a solid Republican gain in the conservative state. Democrat incumbent Brad Henry is unable to run due to term limits. Despite his fairly strong job approval rating in the state, the Republican trend, Fallin’s strong economic message, and Oklahoma’s penchant for conservatives is making this a difficult state for Democrats to hold.

    Mary Fallin for Governor,

  • Fallin is not the only Oklahoma candidate to receive an endorsement from Romney today. Five others, including Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb and four Congressional candidates will be receiving support from Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC this year. Previews on these five will come in the next post.