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Romney adds Doheny Endorsement in NY

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

In addition to the many endorsements of Central and Upstate New York candidates introduced just before Mitt Romney’s appearance at the CNY Conservatives’ banquet last September, Free and Strong America is now lending its support to Matt Doheny, the winner of the Republican primary in the 23rd district of New York. My best guess is that Romney was waiting for Doug Hoffman, who remained on the Conservative party line, to formally drop out of the race before giving his endorsement. Hoffman did so last week, and now Doheny is the beneficiary of this added boost to his campaign.

Some may remember this district, and the name Doug Hoffman. NY-23 is the infamous upstate New York district that hosted the special election that saw a Republican candidate, Dede Scozzafava, who was actually to the left of the Democrat, Bill Owens. Scozzafava, endorsed by Newt Gingrich and the state GOP, though NOT by Mitt Romney became a party embarrassment as her failing poll numbers eventually forced her to withdraw from the race, at which point she gave her endorsement to the Democrat – who won narrowly over surging third-party candidate Doug Hoffman. That Democrat, Bill Owens, now sits in that seat. Among his first actions upon taking office was to reneg on his promise to the voters of NY-23 and support Nancy Pelosi in her backing of Obamacare.

However, this year, the Republicans have a credible contender in Matt Doheny, and he is ready to return this seat to Republican hands. Cook has rated this race as a “toss up,” and recent polling shows that without Hoffman, Doheny holds a significant 51-37 lead in the two man race. Regarding the candidate, Romney said:

Matt has turned around and restructured failing enterprises. He knows how to do the difficult work that ends up saving companies, and saving jobs. Few organizations need more help right now than our own federal government. Matt can, and will, help turn our nation and our economy around through his hard work and impressive experience.

Read the full story on the endorsement here.


Romney in NY: Obama’s first two years an “abject failure”

September 21, 2010 Leave a comment reports on Romney’s speaking engagement from last night.

Headlining the banquet for the Central New York Conservatives, Romney spoke up hard against the failed policies of the Obama administration, comparing the President to Jimmy Carter and arguing forcefully and rightfully that they have “stalled the economy” so that unnecessary and unpopular leftist programs could be implemented. Romney also made an appearance alongside candidate Ann Marie Buerkle at the opening of  her campaign headquarters.

Local station WSYR has more, including video from their television news feed.

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Romney in Central New York

September 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Tonight, Mitt Romney will be visiting yet another state, as he travels to Liverpool, New York, just outside of Syracuse where he will be speaking at a banquet for the Central New York Conservative Parties. The banquet, which last year saw Mike Huckabee as its keynote speaker, will honor several long serving conservatives in the region, including James Vargason, William Sanford, and the late Bernard Kraft.

As expected, the arrival has coincided with today’s announcement that Romney will be supporting ten New York candidates for Congress. These include Syracuse’s own Ann Marie Buerkle running against Dan Maffei in NY-25, and Richard Hanna in the neighboring 24th district:

At a time when we need leaders who will enact pro-growth policies that will turn our troubled economy around and put people back to work, too many Washington politicians are instead focused on growing the size of government. New York – and our nation – deserves leaders who will put the interests of the people ahead of the special interests, and work to get our economy back on track.  That is why I am proud to stand with these candidates today.

New York’s 25th is my own district, by the way, so I am particularly pleased to see these endorsements. Although the 25th is still listed as “Likely Democrat,” Buerkle is in striking distance of Maffei in the few polls that have been taken, and can win this with some enthusiasm behind her campaign. I hope the support by Romney will get the ball rolling on that. Meanwhile, Hanna in the 24th only narrowly lost to Arcuri in the Democrat wave that was 2008. NY-24 is a very strong opportunity for a Republican pickup this November.

Romney Strong in 2012 Polling

It is that time of the week again, in which polling is released regarding the potential 2012 elections. I do not remember such a heavy interest in hypothetical matchups this early in other Presidential cycles. Perhaps, that itself is an indication of a trend in 2012; one that does not favor the administration, if so many are looking forward to the election in which we can finally be rid of the man and his disastrous policies. Anyway, the usual caveat applies about how it is too early for these numbers to matter, but this poll takes an interesting approach, surveying Romney’s chances in a three-way race.

Michael Bloomberg has done a lot for New York City, although at the expense of many of us in the rest of the state. As a mayor, he still does not fit into the powerful footsteps left behind by Rudy Giuliani, the man who refused to change the law to seek a third term as Bloomberg did. With his party switch, increasing social liberalism, self-described fiscal conservatism but with a penchant for raising taxes, conventional wisdom indicates that despite his popularity within New York City, he would gain little traction elsewhere. Nevertheless, Presidential speculation continues to surround Bloomberg. He has reportedly considered making a bid as an independent, with the belief that independents would support him over most Republicans.

The latest poll from Zogby International indicates that Bloomberg is wrong and the inclinations of conventional wisdom are indeed justified. In a poll of the three way race 2,062 likely voters narrowly favor Mitt Romney over Barack Obama and the New York City mayor. Romney leads with 42 percent of the vote, to Obama’s 41. Bloomberg meanwhile takes only six percent. Among independents, Bloomberg’s key constituency, Romney leads a 40-30-11 split, with the meager 11 percent take going to Bloomberg.

This news is not great for Bloomberg, but it is even worse for the President. While the New York City mayor is showing the sort of weakness one would expect from the earliest days of a yet hypothetical third party candidacy, comparisons to other polls show that Bloomberg is not taking, as one might expect from the Republican challenger. Rather, he is drawing his small number equally from both sides, if not a little more from the left. Furthermore, as a greater share of the populace outside of New York learn more of Bloomberg and his clearly left-wing political views, it could be expected that he would draw any further support significantly away from Obama.

Bloomberg’s business credentials do not benefit him as an alternate answer to the economy, as he wins the support of only five percent of small business owners. The plurality, 49 percent, favor the low taxes and true fiscal conservative reform that would come with a Romney administration.

As Democrats desire and mainstream Republicans fear a split within the GOP from the growing strength of the Tea Party movement, the many varying styles of American conservatism appear ready to unite on common principles in the effort to take back this nation; Romney takes a solid 84 percent of Tea Party voters. Meanwhile, should Bloomberg indeed enter the fray, it is his fellow social liberal Barack Obama, who will need to fear an independent candidate siphoning his voters.

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