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December 4, 2010 Leave a comment

The 2010 elections have been won, but even so the next battle for control of this nation’s future is already underway. With dozens of new Republicans prepared bring the voice of the people to Washington in only a few weeks, the outgoing rejected Democrats are attempting to hijack the government away from the voters through a blatantly arrogant lame duck policy session in the final months of the year. Compounding the problem, this abuse of power also threatens our nation’s defense, as one of the travesties Democrats are attempting to thrust upon us is the New-START treaty that benefits Russia at our expense. Knowing that the disastrous agenda of the past two years is in danger of meeting its much needed end, Harry Reid is attempting to jam through a few more ideas, including START while he still has five more Senators backing him.

Since this past summer, Mitt Romney has been among the leaders of the fight to halt the ratification of this treaty. He continues this effort today, with another Op-Ed available at the Boston Globe in which he once again outlines the many liabilities of this agreement. After chiding this runaway Congress for this final attempt at damaging our nation, Romney argues:

A treaty so critical to our national security deserves a careful, deliberative look by the men and women America has just elected. The president is in a hurry for the same reason he has been in a hurry before: he knows that if his vaunted treaty is given a thorough review by the Senate, it will likely be rejected. And well it should be.

Afterward, Romney asks key questions that reveal the many problems with this agreement, including once again the failure to address the massive Russian advantage in tactical nuclear weapons, and the fact that it forces concessions from our strategic position while providing loopholes that allow Russians to threaten American strength with multiple warhead missile bombers and submarine launched cruise missiles.

It is a brief piece, but to the point and well worth reading. Follow the link.


New START Update

Well, its Saturday morning and how are supporters of New START doing? Not so good, according to the Heritage Foundation.

New Poll Shows More Trouble for New START

Why New START is Failing

The first link is regarding a poll from earlier this past week by Rasmussen Reports surveying 1,000 American adults on various national security issues, many of which would be severely affected by the ratification of New START. The President is attempting to lead the country down a path advocated by the far-left since the early ’80s and the American people have no desire to see this. As Iran joins the ever-growing list of nuclear powers in the world, our defense needs to be stronger than ever. Unfortunately, we have a weak administration in D.C.

On top of this, or possibly because of it, the second link shows that weak administration pulling back the efforts to pursue ratification of the treaty. With a treaty so misguided that reasoned persuasion could not possibly lead to ratification, supporters of New START attempted to tear down opponents of the treaty with personal attacks. The latest reports show that this method has not exactly won the hearts and minds of many Senate Republicans seeing a bipartisan solution to this issue. Of course, it is still not yet time to relax and score a point for Romney over the Obama agenda. If the last nineteen months have taught us anything about the administration’s methods, it is that horrible defeated legislation too often manages to rise from the dead.

Eight Problems with the New START

Governor Romney has unleashed another volley of well organized criticism, this time through a National Review Online editorial. Within, Romney argues a point by point case addressing the many faults of the treaty, from discussing in detail its limitations on American missile defense, to the advantages that Russia will be able to maintain in tactical nukes, multiple warhead bombers, MIRVs, and the weakened accountability to their stipulations of the treaty. The piece clearly shows how the proposed treaty benefits Russia in such a lopsided manner to the detriment of our national defense and the protection of our allies. Romney’s detailed analysis easily refutes the points that Kerry and Lugar attempted to make in favor of the treaty in their rebuttals to Romney’s first op-ed.

The treaty really is a failure in negotiation on the part of the U.S. State Department and further poor leadership by the Obama administration.We only need 34 Senators to unify against this train wreck. Conservatives nationwide need to fight to see that this treaty is unable to be ratified by the Senate.

Beyond this, there is not much more that I can say on it that Romney has not already argued more strongly in his piece. So go ahead and click the link, already. It is really a very worthwhile read.

Eight Problems with the New START – Mitt Romney – National Review Online

Heritage Foundation Making the Case Against New-START.

Not a whole lot new today, and rather than post about golf again, I will instead link to an interesting page over at the Heritage Foundation regarding the troubling New-START treaty. Governor Romney’s remarks last week set the tone of the national conservative opposition to this potential threat to our defense and the defense of our allies. Now the Heritage Foundation is developing a strong organized opposition to the treaty, with the goal of creating a Senate coalition to reject ratification.

The page features quotes from many top leaders of our government, including Senators Kyl, Inhofe, DeMint, McCain, Sessions, Corker, Barrasso, Lieberman, former Senator James Talent of Missouri who has been taking a strong leadership role with the Heritage Foundation, and of course an excerpt from Governor Romney’s op-ed. The quotes, which categorically highlight the many problems with the treaty are an interesting read, and anybody who wishes to learn more or actively join the fight for the rejection of New-START would do well to head over to the Heritage Foundation.

Anyway, the link – New START’s Many Problems: What the Experts Say