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Romney’s New Jersey Endorsements

Governor Romney is drumming up support and money for conservative candidates yet again, this time in New Jersey. Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC has declared that it would donate $2500 in support of candidates Jon Runyan, Leonard Lance, Anna Little, and Scott Sipprelle in the Garden State. A state that has long suffered under poor Democrat leadership, New Jersey is a prime target for conservative pickups this year. Chris Christie showed the potential in 2009, as he overcame efforts by the Obama administration to see incumbent Jon Corzine reelected, and has since governed as a strong fiscal conservative, standing up to unions and special interest groups.

Jon Runyan, the former lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles, is making a bid to unseat freshman John Adler in the 3rd district. Adler has voted as a moderate, opposing the health care bill, but was an early supporter of Barack Obama and could very likely be weighed down by the extreme leftist leadership of the Democratic party in this Republican leaning district. Despite having a strong money advantage in a Democrat year, Alder defeated his 2008 opponent for the Open Seat, by a narrow margin. Runyan has been championing lower taxes while attaching Adler to the tax and spend policies of Jon Corzine, citing Adler’s support of tax hikes during his time in the New Jersey State Senate. Runyan’s campaign site outlines his issues. Particularly interesting is the debate on this page, in which Runyan and Adler discuss their opinions on many of the top issues facing Congress.

Jon Runyan for Congress

Anna Little, the mayor of Highlands, New Jersey, is attempting to unseat longtime incumbent Frank Pallone, Jr. in the 6th district. Pallone is an establishment liberal Democrat who has supported his left wing party leadership 99% of the time. NJ-6 is a Democrat-leaning district, with a Partisan Voting Index of D+8. Nevertheless, Pallone’s liberal Beltway mentality in this anti-liberal, anti-Beltway year means that this district is not considered safe for the incumbent. Our candidate, Anna Little, won a very narrow victory in the Republican Primary earlier this year. Little has not been shying away from her conservative roots, proudly standing by Gov. Christie and his reforms, and touting her Tea Party support on her campaign site. Little’s approaches her issues from a Constitutionalist perspective, arguing in favor of the Enumerated Powers Act, and Second Amendment rights. Economically, Little sees less government in better government, declaring that “government does not ‘produce’ anything, it just takes” and that the best thing for government to do economically is to “get out of the way of the private sector economy.” Anna Little is a true conservative, possibly a little farther to the right than one would expect from the 6th district of New Jersey, but one who could bring strong conservative principles to a part of the country that aches for conservative reform.

Anna C. Little for Congress

Scott Sipprelle
is an author and venture capitalist who is making a bid against longtime incumbent Congressman Rush Holt, Jr. in the 12th district. NJ-12 is a district that tends to favor Democrats slightly (PVI D+5), but Holt is an extreme liberal who in February, 2010 topped the National Journal’s list of “The 10 Most Liberal House Dems.” Holt’s extreme partisan record makes him a prime target during this Republican year. Our candidate, Scott Sipprelle, is a competent businessman who is unsurprisingly making high unemployment the weak economy the central issues of his campaign. Sipprelle supports a strong conservative argument that reducing unemployment means providing a friendlier atmosphere for business. This means simplifying and reducing taxes, reducing health care costs, reducing government spending, and restoring the confidence of potential entrepreneurs that has been weakened by money-hungry overactive government. Sipprelle’s arguments toward government spending are particularly strong as he is unafraid to target current entitlement programs, demanding review and adjustment as necessary to ease the costs of these programs for taxpayers.

Scott Sipprelle for Congress

Finally, there is Leonard Lance, who is one of our few and valuable success stories from the 2008 elections. Two years ago, Lance won his bid for the Open Seat in the 7th district, by running as a low tax fiscal conservative. While his stances on social and environmental issues leave something to be desired, Lance is a strong conservative vote on the many spending issues faced by Congress. True to his arguments favoring reduced government spending, Lance voted against Obama’s stimulus bill in February 2009. Lance backs a Balanced Budget Amendment, while maintaining support for lowered taxes. Congressman Lance is continuing his aim from the 2008 campaign to see the permanent end of the Estate Tax as well as the Alternative Minimum Tax. With a focus on reducing the deficit through smaller government certain to be a primary concern of the Republican 112th Congress, Leonard Lance and his fiscal conservative stances are worth sending back to D.C. this November.

Leonard Lance for Congress