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Mitt’s Latest Endorsements: Missouri

Mitt Romney is the benefactor for conservative candidates who just does not stop giving. As Governor Romney continues to search the nation backing the best of the next wave of conservative leaders, he has turned his eyes toward the state of Missouri. In the wake of last week’s primary victories that show a great deal of promise for Republicans in the Show Me State, the Free and Strong America PAC is offering $2500 donations to the campaigns of two worthy Republican House Candidates and favorable endorsements via Twitter from Mitt Romney himself. The two candidates are added to a slew of previous Missouri endorsements from Romney that include Roy Blunt for Senate, the reelection efforts of Reps. Emerson, Luetkemeyer, and Graves, the Congressional campaign of Ed Martin, and Tom Schweich for State Auditor, all of whom were also recently victorious in their respective primaries.

Vicky Hartzler is a former Missouri State Representative running for Congress against incumbent Democrat Ike Skelton in the 4th district. A strong champion of traditional family values, Hartzler won handily in a vast field of challengers during the August 3 primary in Missouri. She is a particularly strong candidate on many levels; a quick look at her campaign site shows why her campaign is winning the approval of both Republican leaders such as Governor Romney, but fired-up conservatives throughout Missouri’s 4th district. Hartzler is prepared to lead on the fiscal conservative issues that are dominating the concerns of Americans this year. As Congresswoman, she will seek a Balanced Budget Amendment and refuse to back unnecessary new spending. She understands that balancing the budget also means lower taxes, for both families and business owners. Hartzler soundly rejects the efforts of the Obama administration to impose new regulations and taxes on business that will further weaken this economy and prolong this period of high unemployment.

Hartzler is also a devoted supporter of the conservative social values currently threatened by the damaging policies of a leftist government and activist judicial system. In 2004, Hartzler was a leader in backing the Missouri Defense of Marriage Amendment. The referendum, supporting marriage between a man and a woman was backed by more than 70% of Missouri voters – but as we have seen recently in California the will of a vast majority of voters is liable to be undermined at any moment by one activist judge. Although the economy is the top issue of the day, conservatives cannot rest on social issues. The government power-grab extends to all levels.  In Congress, Vicky Hartzler will work to see the will and liberty of the people protected. She proudly describes herself as “100% pro-life and a staunch supporter of our Second Amendment.”

Her opponent, Ike Skelton, has held this seat for more than three decades. Skelton has tried to maintain a moderate line on some social issues, but remains a supporter of a party that has jumped exceedingly to the left. In these difficult economic times, Skelton remains a friend to the big unions, refused to back the Bush tax cuts, and certain to resist the necessary efforts to see the lowered tax rates extended beyond 2010. This nation does not need higher taxes. Missouri does not need higher taxes. Missouri needs to take this opportunity to unseat a 94% reliable vote for Nancy Pelosi’s agenda. Skelton is not safe. Cook and Rothenberg both race this race as “Leans Democrat,” and in a district that has otherwise tended to favor Republicans this is a prime pickup opportunity with a candidate as strong as Vicky Hartzler.

Vicky Hartzler for Congress

  • Billy Long is the other recent recipient of Mitt Romney’s endorsement and financial support. Long is running in the 7th district, where Congressman Roy Blunt will yield his seat in order to represent Missouri in the U.S. Senate. Last week, Long won a solid victory over Jack Goodman, Gary Nodler and several other similarly strong candidates in a heavily contested primary for the Republican nomination in MO-7. Billy Long is a bigger than life conservative with a strong personality and willingness to speak his mind that will do well to shake up the Beltway and its drones. Long has attracted the attention of not just Romney, but also Romney’s former 2008 primary rival Mike Huckabee, former Missouri State Treasurer Sarah Steelman, and Rep. Mel Hancock, also formerly of the 7th district, with his bold campaign declaring truthfully that “America is Fed Up.”

    Long’s message is simple and powerful. It drives right to the heart of the frustration that American conservatives have held with this runaway government for more than eighteen months and the readiness to turn out next November to vote out those responsible for the leftist policies that this nation has soundly rejected. Running as an outsider, Long declares that the 7th district of Missouri, along with the rest of America is “Fed Up” with the unnecessary government regulation hampering business growth, the weak and amateurish foreign policy that strengthens the enemies of America, the tax and spend policies that infringe on the rights and finances of American citizens, and the all around poor leadership by the “career politicians” inside the Beltway that are damaging the future of this country.

    Long backs up these powerful words with powerful ideas, backing not just a Balanced Budget Amendment, but also the revival of an amendment capping taxes, first backed by Ronald Reagan and Mel Hancock. As a part of the fiscal conservative wave ready to overtake the federal government, Long wants to simplify the tax code, end wasteful government spending, and deny the leftists their business harming proposals such as Card Check or Cap and Trade. As with Hartzler above, Long rounds these fiscal conservative values with strong traditional family values, proudly supporting the right to life, traditional marriage, and Second Amendment rights. Although an Open Seat, this race is currently deemed by most ratings organizations as safely Republican. Nevertheless, the campaign is still before us, and Billy Long is deserving of conservative support to see it finished with the victory that he deserves.

    Billy Long for Congress