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Mitt Romney’s “Woman Problem” – Stupid Salon Article.

Well, now there is a piece over at Salon trying to make a point that Governor Romney is sexist. I would say that it is a joke, but it is not funny. It is nothing but stupid and ungrounded in fact, not even worth posting the link over here. Instead I’ll link to Allahpundit’s rational debunking of the article, over at Hot Air. Or better still, the analysis by the fine people over at Mitt Romney Central, who summarily destroy the assertions made at Salon with obvious points to the contrary such as Romney’s endorsement of Nikki Haley and Meg Whitman well before many others knew them, and of course the simple fact that Mitt remains friendly with Sarah Palin, however much some wish to think otherwise.

To me this article serves only one purpose, and that is to identify to any who may have been in doubt, the true source of the “anonymous adviser” to Governor Romney that attempted to provoke the Palin campaign. As I stated before, never trust anonymous sources speaking of conservative candidates to liberal magazines. Can there be any doubt now that the statements to Time and now the article in Salon have been the first and second attempts by the left to undermine Romney by trying to engineer a split among conservative Romney supporters and Palin supporters? Notice the odd “coincidence” that these unfounded allegations concerning Mitt Romney’s opinions of Sarah Palin come shortly after polling shows several Republican candidates leading Barack Obama in hypothetical 2012 match-ups.

The sad thing is I fear that many Palin supporters are buying into it. It is an easy assumption made on the left that these “Palinistas” are too blindly devoted to their leader – automatons who focus on only Sarah Palin and no other conservative leaders, let alone simple conservative principles. After all, most leftists tend to rally around personalities rather than principles, why not assume the same of the right? Once again, I say that in attempting to escalate any imaginary feud between Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin, her supporters only play into the hands of the left. This does not destroy competition in the path to take back Washington; this only weakens conservatives while Washington liberals stand back and laugh. The left is attempting to divide and conquer. Romney and Palin fans alike need to support each other to make sure this cannot happen.

There has been no indication that Governor Romney and Sarah Palin regard each other in anything other than mutual respect and admiration. Romney has had bitter encounters with some other Republicans – McCain, Huckabee during the primaries, Richard Lugar now with his foolish support for New-START. Sarah Palin though is regarded as on our side by many Romney supporters. Any failure by her supporters to show anything other than similar respect to Mitt Romney is contrary to Palin’s opinion, a disservice to Palin’s aims, and  a disservice to the conservative movement as a whole. I can understand having some concerns with some of Romney’s or Palin’s positions on various issues, but Reagan’s 80% rule really should apply here,* particularly as it seems to me that Romney and Palin agree quite a bit more than 80% of the time.

Anyway, I applaud Romney and Palin both for staying above this nonsense of late, and continuing to support each other. They are keeping focused on the main goal, which is the support of conservative candidates nationwide for this November. Fellow conservatives need to abide by their example and maintain a similar focus. The battle of 2010 is not yet won.

*“My 80 percent friend is not my 20 percent enemy.”

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On this whole supposed Romney vs. Palin thing.

Yeah, how many conservatives here trust unnamed sources that speak to Time magazine? Anybody? Because if you do not know by now that Time magazine works to help the left, then you’re not a serious person.

As for me, I will not lie. I do not think that Sarah Palin is the best candidate that the Republicans can nominate for President of the United States. I don’t think that should be a controversial statement in the conservative community. That is why this blog is titled Conservative for Mitt and not Conservative for Sarah. Nevertheless, this Romney vs. Palin rivalry is overblown and really getting out of hand. This is especially the case, when I still have not heard any statement from either candidate that suggests that the two are anything but on the same side. Continuing this feud helps nobody but Democrats.

Although I don’t think Palin would make the best President, her value as a Republican leader cannot be denied. She can engineer tea party support for a candidate in the same way that Romney can bring money and party connections. Palin is an excellent activist and asset to conservatives in 2010. Romney is an excellent leader endorsing conservatives nationwide. Together the two are an impressive team. It is one that frightens the left. A good way for them to combat it is to divide and conquer. Throw a monkey wrench into the Republican unity that is currently looking to beat the snot out of them this November and laugh while one or two top Republican leaders go down.

Democrats expect us to overreact, and escalate the feud, and unfortunately that is what I am seeing. Palin supporters are a relentless bunch, and really get overexcited when their candidate is criticized. Perhaps it is justified; a lot of nasty unfounded things have been said about her over the past two years. Governor Romney has stated his piece in a twitter response arguing against the “numbskull” comments of this “anonymous staffer” and in support of Palin. This should be the end of it. Now is not the time to fight the yet hypothetical battles of 2012. This is the time to unify and see through the drubbing that we will inflict upon the left in 2010.

If 2012 sees both Romney and Palin deciding to run for the Presidency, then this battle will be fought then and over the principled arguments of the candidates themselves. Do not let the left dictate our candidates, and our battles. Do not let the left deflect us from our goal of driving them out of Congress this November. Finally, do not trust anonymous sources about Republican candidates in Time magazine. I know its hard for some dedicated supporters to believe that Palin and Romney are on the same side, but they are. Keep your focus, conservatives.

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Further New-START Criticism

The New Republic has entered the fray declaring now that Mitt Romney is “looking like a worse presidential candidate every day.” Their assessment of Romney that leads to this conclusion? Well, they argue that he has “positioned himself far to the right of John McCain,” and that he is not “the second coming of Gerald Ford.” The New Republic also argues that Romney will not be good for this country because he is speaking more like Ronald Reagan and less like Jimmy Carter.

With denunciations like this, who needs endorsements?

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More on New-START

It appears that Romney’s piece has hit a little close to home for some on the left, stirring up the ire of John “Dukakis 2.0” Kerry. Mitt Romney is “trying to score cheap political points” with a national defense issue, asserts the man who compared our servicemen to Genghis Khan during his 2004 bid for the Presidency.  Anyway, I suppose its nice to know that Sarah Palin isn’t the only one that can get the liberals riled up.

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