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Just a Note on Michigan

So, it is clear now that Pete Hoekstra finished second in the Michigan primary for Governor. Unfortunately with the conservative vote split among Hoekstra, Cox, and Bouchard, the moderate Rick Snyder managed to unify enough of a plurality to advance to the general election. It is a shame for Michigan, as Hoekstra would have made a strong governor and made some strong moves to fix the devastated economy in that state. Thwarted in the Republican primaries, there is only one moved that we, disappointed and frustrated conservatives can make now. We need to stand up and fight!

Fight for Rick Snyder.

As frustrating as it may be to know that Michigan will go at least four more years without strong conservative leadership, Rick Snyder is by far a better conservative and better leader than anybody the Democrats put up, including and especially big union favorite Virg Bernero. Michigan cannot afford to have Bernero continue in the failed liberal vein of Jennifer Granholm. 2010 will give many opportunities for conservative favorites to advance and take the fight to the left, but in this case conservatives need to unify behind the moderate Republicans and back Rick Snyder as Michigan’s next governor. Division now will only benefit the left.


Romney for Diane Black in Tennessee

Mitt Romney and his Free and Strong America PAC have turned their attention to Tennessee, endorsing Diane Black in the Republican Primary for the Sixth District. Romney’s statement supporting the candidate says simply,

“Diane Black’s blend of expe­ri­ence as a small busi­ness owner and a con­ser­v­a­tive Ten­nessee leg­is­la­tor make her the type of per­son we need in Wash­ing­ton. She will fight every day to put peo­ple back to work, decrease the fed­eral deficit and get our econ­omy back on track.”

The evidence shows that he is correct. Black has been a conservative leader in Tennessee since 1998, in the Tennessee House of Representatives, then as Chair of the Republican Caucus in the Tennessee State Senate. She is one of the many valued fiscal warriors that the excesses of this administration are bringing to the head of the Republican Party. At her campaign site, a federal debt clock (grown by more than six million dollars in the time I’ve spent writing this article so far) catches your eye. Black wishes to be elected by the people of Tennessee to fight this, proposing a balanced budget amendment, a reasonable simplified tax policy, and an end to automatic entitlement spending.

TN-6 is an open seat vacated by retiring Democrat Bart Gordon, and is very likely to flip to the Republican column in this oncoming wave. This primary fight will likely be the strongest battle to see who next represents the Sixth District in Tennessee, so it cannot be taken lightly. This nation desperately needs its citizens to send strong fiscal conservatives to Washington, to begin undoing the mess that these past eighteen months have given us. Diane Black is an experienced leader, capable of bringing the fight to Pelosi and Obama when it comes to unnecessary spending. As usual, the campaign site is below, take a look for more on her qualifications and positions.

Diane Black for Congress

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    P.S. – Today is the day in Michigan! Pete Hoekstra needs the support of all Michigan conservatives. Get out there and give him your vote!

    “Heat’s on in Michigan GOP Primary” – Politico

    Heat’s on in Michigan GOP Primary – Tim Alberta – Politico

    I am not going to touch the allegation against Cox, as politics is too dirty of a game already I really just do not know enough about it. I do know that as this article states, Hoekstra is running to the right while Snyder is playing as the moderate. Hasn’t Michigan had enough of liberalism and weak economic policies? Democrats and Republicans running as pseudo-Democrats are not what the struggling economy in Michigan needs right now.

    Pete Hoekstra is the strong conservative among the big three in this race. Hoekstra has the tax policies that will foster business growth in Michigan. Hoekstra will seek repeal of the federal health care takeover, as it damages small business and individual liberties in Michigan and nationwide. Hoekstra has the courage to stand up to the big union interests and big-government Washington policies that are damaging this country.  Hoekstra is a man in the mold of Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal who is willing to show leadership during these difficult times following eight years of Granholm’s disastrous tenure. Michigan conservatives need Pete Hoekstra in their corner in November and beyond; do not let this opportunity slip away. Tuesday, August 3rd.

    Down the Stretch in Michigan…

    …and Pete Hoekstra is in a three way tie. Tuesday’s primary shows all of the signs of being a close fought battle. As mentioned earlier, a Detroit News poll showed Cox and Hoekstra neck and neck at 26%, with Rick Snyder only slightly back at 20%. Yesterday, a new poll by EPIC/MRA, for the Detroit Free Press/WXYZ shows Snyder jumping that gap to pull ahead of his challengers. The poll of 400 likely voters shows the moderate Snyder narrowly leading the pack with 26%, with Cox at 24% and Hoekstra, Romney’s endorsement, at 23%. Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, a good man just unable to get any traction in this primary, trails at 10%.

    There is some good news for Hoekstra in the latest poll, however. He leads 28-25-22 over Snyder and Cox among those most likely to vote. Conservatives, meanwhile, back him 28-24 over Cox, with Snyder taking 21%.  The difficulty for Hoekstra on Tuesday lies with the fact that Snyder takes a massive 43% of liberals and moderates.

    Even so, Hoekstra trails within the margin of error in the overall poll. Michigan Conservatives need to be wary of this primary. The conservative split between Hoekstra and Cox is allowing the moderate Rick Snyder to jump to the forefront of this race. Nevertheless, with three days to go, this primary is completely up in the air. The internals of the poll show a fair share of enthusiasm surrounding the Hoekstra campaign. If that can translate to a greater share of conservative votes, it will mean victory on Tuesday.

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    Romney back home in Michigan today.

    He is campaigning for Pete Hoekstra in his gubernatorial bid. Hoekstra is one of several Republicans seeking the job, but one who has amassed a conservative record representing Michigan’s 2nd district in Congress. Hoekstra is quite an outspoken conservative in the House. He was a champion of the Iraq War during the Bush administration, has boldly spoken out against Islamic radicalism, and has worked to be a thorn in the side of the Pelosi-Obama leftist agenda during the past 18 months.

    Should Hoekstra win the Governorship, the House will be the poorer for the absence of his conservative determination. Nevertheless, the state of Michigan needs his brand of ability and work ethic in order to lead it out of the mess created by the incompetence of Jennifer Granholm and her failed leftist policies over the past eight years. Michigan is a state that conservatives have long wanted to see return to the GOP column. With a massive deficit and the worst unemployment in the country, such a shift to conservative leadership is desperately needed in the state.

    This year, Chris Christie has shown the country what a tremendous difference a strong conservative Governor can make for a state beaten down by years of incompetent liberal policies. Pete Hoeksta is a man in that mold, and will do well for Michigan. Governor Romney obviously believes the same, and is therefore giving candidate Hoekstra – future Governor Hoekstra – his support.

    As usual a link to the candidate’s website is below for one’s own visiting pleasure.

    Pete Hoekstra for Governor – On the Job for Michigan.