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3Q Fund Raising – Mitt Leads the Pack Again

October 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Politico has the details. Mitt Romney has raised $1.7 million through federal and state chapters of Free and Strong America PAC during the third quarter to help 2010 and 2012 campaign efforts. With as many candidates as he has endorsed this cycle, it is good to see that he will have the money to spread around. Free and Strong America once again leads SarahPAC, which brought in a healthy $1.2 million. Tim Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC brought in $778,000.

This brings Romney’s fund raising totals up over five million dollars for the year, and more than $8.6 million since the founding of Free and Strong America PAC since the 2008 elections.

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Romney’s Numbers – $1.8 million

The second quarter fundraising numbers have been released and Romney once again leads the pack with an amazing $1.8 million raised. This more than doubles the take of any other potential Republican primary candidate. The second quarter haul brings Romney’s yearly total to $3.5 million. In comparison, Palin’s PAC has taken in $866,000 this quarter and a total of $1.3 million over the past six months. Pawlenty, meanwhile raised $723,000, and has also totaled $1.3 million over the past six months.

Although it is easy to look at these numbers and see a great war chest for Romney should he run for President in 2012, the best news lies with the Republican candidates this year. Across the country candidates are raising massive amounts to finance the coming Republican sweep of Congress. Michelle Bachmann, of Minnesota has taken in $1.7 million this quarter, nearly as much as Romney. Meanwhile Marco Rubio, the Republican Senate candidate in the three way race in Florida, has pulled in a massive $4.5 million dollars in the second quarter. Republican donors are ready to fight this year. Of course, the money brought in by Romney is working toward that effort as well. Roughly $400,000 of it has gone to benefit 2010 candidates, as Romney continues to endorse conservatives across the nation.

The Boston Globe has further details here.

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