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Mitt Romney’s Many Many Endorsements – Colorado

In an effort to advance the oncoming sweep of conservative candidates through both Houses of Congress – and possibly also to keep a dude like me really busy – Mitt Romney has endorsed a whole slew of candidates across the west. Six candidates in the state of Colorado received Mitt Romney’s endorsement yesterday afternoon. Ken Buck, running for U.S. Senate, will receive $5,000 from Free and Strong America PAC for his campaign. Romney will also lend his support to three candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, each receiving $2,500, as well as the races for Colorado Attorney General, and State Treasurer. These endorsements come alongside announcements backing candidates in Washington and Wyoming, which will be covered in the next post, but first: Colorado.

  • Ken Buck is the highlight of the 2010 for Colorado Republicans as he was the highlight of the primaries on August 10.  He defeated Jane Norton in a hotly contested race that until now has seen little attention from top Republican leaders nationally. It is definitely due time for Romney and his colleagues to step forward for Buck. He was the better candidate in the primary and will be an effective fiscal warrior for the people of Colorado. Buck is a fighter on taxes. He has committed himself to the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promoted by Americans for Tax Reform promising to continue the fight for lower taxes, as government insiders seek to raise taxes to pay for and justify their increased spending. Ken Buck rightfully sees this spending as “counterproductive;” he seeks less taxes, less spending, less government.

    Buck is running to unseat incumbent Michael Bennet, who was appointed to his seat when Ken Salazar left to join the Obama administration. It was he who famously argued that he would proudly vote to impose the disastrous health care takeover on the American public even if doing so meant that he would lose the election. Well, Bennet voted for Obamacare, and now Ken Buck is here to fulfill the rest of the statement. This race in Colorado is a toss up. PPP hosted a poll of 1015 registered voters just before the primary and showed Bennet with a narrow three point lead. Rasmussen polled 750 likely voters just after the primary and showed Buck leading 46-41. Either way Bennet is clearly vulnerable, but work is still yet to be done before Ken Buck can be assured of winning his way to the U.S. Senate.

    Support the Movement – Buck for Colorado

  • Ryan Frazier is running for Congress in the notably competitive 7th district. Frazier is an Aurora City Councilman who has joined his colleagues in successfully establishing a balanced budget and promoting small-business growth in his community. Although arguing that the Republican party is too focused on social issues, Frazier will do well in serving Colorado as a bold fiscal conservative in a time when fiscal conservatism needs to be the priority for Republican leadership and this nation as a whole.  On economic issues, Frazier is rock solid, and shows a rational common sense approach, arguing for instance that “the reckless spending in Washington today is just a tax increase that we postpone until tomorrow.” He is correct. The government in D.C. is effectively raising our taxes through their excessive spending. Individuals such as Frazier must be sent to Washington to reduce the overinflated government before the punishing tax increases further damage business and finish off our weakened economy.

    Ryan Frazier is looking to unseat incumbent Democrat Ed Perlmutter. In a district known for its even partisan split that should foster an even hand in its representatives, Frazier has been a 98% reliable rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi and her far-left agenda. As a result, Perlmutter is not safe in his seat. Though still leaning in favor of the incumbent, Frazier has a strong chance in flipping this seat, for the benefit of the American taxpayer in this independently minded district.

    Ryan Frazier for Colorado

  • Cory Gardner is seeking to return the 4th district to Republican hands. The 4th, in eastern Colorado, was for decades represented by strong Republican leaders, including future Senators Hank Brown and Wayne Allard and the strong conservative Marilyn Musgrave. In 2008, Democrat Betsy Markey gained the seat in the midst of the leftist wave, and has sought to represent her conservative district by being a 94% solid vote for the Nancy Pelosi agenda. She has voted to support cap-and-trade and is backed by the notoriously left-wing EMILY’s list, dedicated to thwarting the pro-life cause in America.

    Gardner is a conservative leader in the General Assembly for the state of Colorado, and has been declared a Guardian of the Taxpayer by the Colorado Union of Taxpayers. Gardner intends to follow up on this as a representative for CO-4 in the House by promoting a multi-point plan to reduce spending and reduce government. This includes a balanced budget amendment, capped federal spending, the elimination of ineffective and redundant government programs and agencies, and the backing of the “Enumerated Powers Act” that seeks to restrict Congressional authority more closely to that given by the U.S. Constitution. Gardner’s responsible conservative message is resonating with the voters of eastern Colorado. This race is rated as a “Toss Up” by Cook, and has actually been moved to “Republican favored” by Rothenberg.

    Cory Gardner for Congress

  • Scott Tipton is also a representative in the state General Assembly and is seeking support from voters of the 3rd district, in his bid for the U.S. House of Representatives. On Tuesday, August 10, Tipton won a well-fought primary battle against attorney Bob McConnell to win the right to unseat John Salazar. Tipton supports reduced spending, reduced taxes, a repeal of the health care bill, and a strong second amendment. Meanwhile he proudly opposes abortion, cap-and-trade, and the death tax. There really is nothing more that a conservative can ask for in a candidate than what Scott Tipton offers for the people of Colorado. Tipton maintains a solid mix of fiscal and social conservative beliefs, with his bid for Congress inspired by his concern for the economy. Tipton’s campaign site reflects the frustration all Americans have had with Washington, which as Tipton asserts has responded to growing unemployment with “a “stimulus” bill of nearly $1 trillion in spending on liberal pet projects and wasteful government programs.” Washington needs an influx of principled outsiders to deflate the overlarge government and bring a message of fiscal responsibility back to Congress. Scott Tipton fits that mold.

    Tipton’s opponent, incumbent Democrat John Salazar took the district in the open race to succeed retiring Republican Scott McInnis. Since then he has claimed his moderate credentials to win solid victories in the conservative district during the Democrat waves of 2006 and 2008. In the Repubican year that will be 2010, his claims as a moderate are looking quite weak. He has backed Democrat leadership in 97% of votes, and remains quite proud of his vote in favor of the health care takeover. His indifference to the will of his constituent could cost him this November, and hopefully will. This race is ranked as “Leans Democrat,” and with the Republican primary settled is only likely to shift in favor of Tipton; Salazar is by no means safe.

    Scott Tipton for Congress

  • At the state level, John Suthers has received Mitt Romney’s backing as Colorado’s Attorney General. Suthers has served the interests of the people of Colorado throughout his life, in both the private and public sectors. As Attorney General, Suthers has focused on criminal justice, in strengthening DNA testing, fighting the spread of drug use, and leading the fight against pedophilia. Beyond this, he has been unafraid to go toe to toe against the Obama administration in protecting the Constutional rights of Colorado citizens. Suthers is part of the charge across many states in arguing against the blatant Constitutional violation that is the Obamacare individual mandate. Through all, Suthers has been and will continue to be a crusader for the protection of the practical individual rights guaranteed to all by natural law, a principled man who deserves reelection.

    John Suthers for Colorado’s Attorney General

  • Finally, Walker Stapleton has received Romney’s blessing in his effort to serve Colorado as State Treasurer. Stapleton is an intelligent MBA who has made his way successfully in the private sector and understands the many challenges that investors face from a lingering recession and invasive government. As Treasurer, he will fight to protect the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which wisely caps the growth of government spending and gives voters an opportunity to refuse unnecessary tax hikes. As Stapleton explains on his campaign site, leftists in the state government are trying their hardest to eliminate or subvert the protections that the Taxpayer Bill of Rights provide for citizens of Colorado. Stapleton’s election would send Denver a defender for the Colorado taxpayer, much needed as leftist tax and spend policies continue to weaken the economic climate across the nation.

    Walker Stapleton for State Treasurer

  • This series of Colorado candidates have not just received Romney’s backing by default, because they have an “R” next to their names. These are fiscal warriors, seeking to provide America’s need for rational, small government leaders who will bring us out of the fiscal nightmare caused by the reckless policies of the Obama administration and the Pelosi-Reid congress. In endorsing these candidates, Governor Romney stated:

    At a time when we need leaders who will enact pro-growth policies that will turn our economy around and put people back to work, too many of our elected officials continue to pursue a counterproductive, big-government agenda that will burden our children and grandchildren for years to come. It is critical that we elect leaders who will make the tough decisions necessary to get our country back on the right track, and that is why I am standing with these candidates today.

    For Colorado, Romney has chosen a strong group of future leaders, as he has similarly done with Washington and Wyoming and across the nation. Overviews of Romney’s endorsements in Washington and Wyoming, including Dino Rossi, will come in the next post.


    Razor thin in Georgia

    As of 10:30 tonight the runoff is just that tight. Latest numbers show Deal leading by about 3,600 votes, although precincts yet to report should have favorable numbers for Handel. It has been a very interesting race so far, and no surprise that it would finish like this.

    Keep posted with the closing numbers here. Georgia Secretary of State – Election Results.

    Meanwhile in Colorado, Ken Buck seems to be holding onto a 10,000 vote lead over Jane Norton. That one could be close as well.

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