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Romney Campaigning for Walker in Wisconsin

October 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Just a quick update today, a news piece from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel briefly telling of a visit by Mitt Romney and Bobby Jindal campaigning for Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker. Both men highlighted Walker’s strong fiscal policies and proposals to cut government spending in their stops. With Walker consistently leading his opponent in polls, hopefully these visits will be enough to seal the deal two weeks from today.

By the way, Romney and Jindal… those two make for a good team, in my opinion….




Let Us Go Back To Work

Not Mitt this time, but this is too good not to be required viewing – just a brief two minute video.

Watching this, one can easily see the future of the American conservative movement. All of those people who tried to pan his State of the Union response in 2009 and claim that he cannot make a speech can stuff it. This man is a national power player, and he has earned it by being one of an important few actually seeking to lead while Washington plays political games with the Gulf oil spill and the livelihood of thousands in the region.

Bobby Jindal has not yet shown much of an interest in 2012, and with his gubernatorial re-election slated for 2011, this is not surprising. In fact, it is part of what makes Bobby Jindal the type of leader worthy of national attention. He is not focused on future glory or expanding his own name, but in doing well by the people of Louisiana who elected him as their Governor. While I expect that his current position will continue to be his focus in the future, he is too powerful of a candidate not to emerge to the top of the conservative movement over the coming years. Jindal is not yet forty, and to the overwhelming benefit of the American people, has many years of good work still in front of him.  Mitt Romney may be the one to bring us to victory in 2012, but come 2020, Bobby Jindal will be the one moving us forward. Thank God for leaders like him.