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Romney holds at #2 in WaPo rankings

Romney’s endorsements and financial contributions have kept him right at #2 in the Washington Post’s rankings of the Most Influential Republicans. Around him #1, and #3 have again traded places, with Haley Barbour taking the top spot while Sarah Palin drops to #3. Anyway, take from this what you will. Is it an early estimate of the 2012 field? Well, the article itself says that it isn’t but kind of is. In reality though, the determination of who Republican and conservative leaders are is not made by a blog tied to a left-leaning newspaper. It is determined by the actions and efforts in leading the party toward taking this country back for the people. Romney has been doing very much in that regard, with over 100 endorsements for 2010 elections and millions raised by his PAC for conservative candidates. Whatever his position may be on one ranking or another, that cannot be denied.

Full top ten below:

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