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Facebook Push for Tim Griffin

Those of you on Facebook, join Mitt Romney in his efforts to spread the positive conservative message of Tim Griffin by ‘liking’ the Arkansas Congressional candidate’s profile. Griffin is making a drive to 6,000 this weekend, and as of this morning has already passed five thousand supporters.

Tim Griffin is running for the open seat vacated by Democrat Vic Snyder in the 2nd district. The 2nd, in central Arkansas has traditionally been a Democrat district, hosting a Republican in Congress for only eight of the last one hundred thirty five years. Lately however it has joined much of the rest of the south in moving toward supporting the Republican party, as socially conservative Christian voters become increasingly turned off by the far-left agenda of the Democratic party of late. The district supported John McCain by a nearly ten point margin in 2008.

Despite the conservative leanings of his district, Snyder has remained a staunch liberal in his opinions and voting record, and therefore it is no surprise that this year, he has chosen to bail on his seat before the voters would have an opportunity to send him packing this November. Tim Griffin is an Iraq war veteran and former U.S. Attorney who is ready to bring the representation for that district back to the common sense conservative values of Arkansas voters. Along with the smart fiscal conservative opinions of this wave of House candidates, tax relief, reformed entitlement spending, an end to the massive corporate bailouts, Griffin is promising greater accountability from the next Congressman from AR-02. Griffin is pledging not to take a Congressional pension, and will seek legislation to suspend Congressional pay if appropriations bills are not passed on time, as part of his overall effort to see that taxpayer money is handled responsibly by the Congress entrusted with it.

Griffin is a strong candidate, coming at a critical time for America’s political and economic future. The people of his future district already seem to recognize this as polling shows Griffin likely to win, AR-02 listed as “Likely Republican” by most indexes. Visit his campaign site, linked below, and back him up on Facebook for more updates on his campaign and plans to work responsibly for the American taxpayer.

Tim Griffin for Congress – Campaign Site

Tim Griffin for Congress – Facebook