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10 for ’10: Waves Four and Five.

October 31, 2010 Leave a comment

This past week Free and Strong America have put forth their next two waves of the “10 for ’10” initiative. With election day only hours away, this is now make or break time for these close candidates. Gallup is showing a 12-15 point edge for Republicans in their final generic Congressional poll. The makings for a majority changing wave are in our hands, we just need to do our part to bring these candidates to victory on Tuesday. Many close races are decided on late breaking support, so remember these names, along with the thirty from the last three updates, and help them when you can.

Fourth Wave:

Jon Barela, NM-01:  The past month has seen Barela climb to a three point lead over his opponent Martin Heinrich.

Mike Fitzpatrick, PA-08: A Democratic firm puts Fitzpatrick down by three, while a university poll puts him up by 5. This race is a tossup and  could rely entirely on last minute efforts from supporters.

Chris Gibson, NY-20:  Siena polling for October has showed a drastic shift in this race after the primary, with Gibson leading 51-42.

Jon Golnik, MA-05:  Golnik aims to defeat entrenched Democrat Niki Tsongas. Though ranked as “likely Democrat” by Cook and RCP, Golnik’s internals reportedly show a Republican up eight points on Tsongas. With some help and a wave this could be an opportunity for a proud pickup. Help him send a message to D.C. family insiders.

State Senator Robert Hurt, VA-05: Hurt has maintained a consistent lead since July, up by eight in the latest polling. Hopefully he will finish strong on Tuesday.

Pat Meehan, PA-07:  Polling has shown this race as razor thin, with Meehan leading by 1-4 points. This is rated as a tossup by RCP.

Scott Rigell, VA-02: Another close race on the East Coast, Rigell has a narrow advantage, leading 42-41 in a poll from last week.

David Schweikert, AZ-05: Schweikert is looking to lead a Republican charge in Arizona against Harry Mitchell. In a poll by a Democrat firm, Schweikert maintains a three point edge: 45-42.

Steve Southerland, FL-02:  This race leans Republican, as two polls from October show Southerland with an identical lead, 50-38.

Todd Young, IN-09: Although the latest poll shows Young down 46-44, the conservative makeup of this district could see him close the gap. Help him today, to bring about that much needed victory.

Bios, links to campaign sites, Facebook, and opportunities to help each of the Fourth Wave candidates are here.


    Fifth Wave:

    Lou Barletta, PA-11:  Barletta is in a tight race, with recent polls showing him both up 7 and down 9. Help him out and prove the optimistic poll correct.

    Scott Bruun, OR-05:  Scott Bruun could also use some support in an unpredictable race. Ranked a toss up by RCP, two polls from the same week have shown him down by 12, and leading by 10.

    Morgan Griffith, VA-09:  As Virginia trends Republican, Griffith has surged from a double digit deficit into a narrow one point lead in the latest poll.

    Randy Hultgren, IL-14: An October poll from a Democratic firm shows Hultgren leading by one point, 47-46.

    Harold Johnson, NC-08: The first poll in this district for months, taken in early October shows Johnson trailing by just one point, 46-45. Give him some last minute momentum to close that gap.

    Mike Kelly, PA-03: Kelly has maintained a solid lead in the polls through the past three months. The latest shows him leading 44-37.

    Mike Keown, GA-02:  Two polls by a Republican firm show Keown leading by 2 and 4, with the momentum favoring Keown.

    Jon Runyan, NJ-03: Runyan is making a strong bid to unseat freshman John Adler. Polling from last week ranges from a one point deficit, to a five point lead for Runyan.

    Bobby Schilling, IL-17:  The same pollsters who surveyed Hultgren’s race, put Schilling in a 45-38 lead over his opponent. This district leans GOP.

    Dan Webster, FL-08: Two polls from the same firm in September and October have shown Webster maintaining a consistent 7 point lead.

    Bios, links to campaign sites, Facebook, and opportunities to help each of the Fifth Wave candidates are here.

    Although many of these candidates are showing leads, nothing has been won yet! Any and all candidates need all of the support that they can get as election day nears. Together these fifty individuals represent the difference from the current minority status of the Republican party in the House, and a twenty seat majority. Each one represents one fewer vote for Nancy Pelosi, and one more for John Boehner and the responsible fiscal conservative agenda that will help the 112th Congress restore some control to the overreaching and dangerous aims of the Obama administration.


    Reviewing the “10 for ’10” Second Wave

    October 26, 2010 Leave a comment

    Free and Strong America has now highlighted 30 conservative House candidates as a part of the “1o for ’10” push to put these narrow races into the win column for the GOP. The first wave of ten candidates were announced and previewed last week and the third was announced and covered here yesterday.  Now, we take a brief look back at the deserving candidates highlighted as part of the second wave in the “10 for ’10” initiative.

    Dan Benishek, MI-01: Dr. Dan in one of the more popular candidates of the conservative wave. Recent polling, including a Democrat firm has shown Benishek up narrowly.

    Sean Bielat, MA-04: Bielat is taking on a massive challenge in trying to unseat Barney Frank, but with Frank consistently picking up less than 50% of the vote in polling the veteran Congressman is indeed vulnerable.

    Diane Black, TN-06: With Democrat Bart Gordon calling quits, Black is now the heavy favorite to win this open seat. Ranked as “likely Republican” by RCP, Cook, and Rothenberg.

    Steve Chabot, OH-01: The latest polling puts Chabot up 12 points on incumbent Steve Driehaus: 53-41.

    Paul Gosar, AZ-01: Polling from August and September show Gosar ahead by a consistent 6-7 points in this prime pickup opportunity.

    John Loughlin, RI-01: While ranked as “lean Democrat” polling into early October has shown Loughlin close to within 11 points. The momentum is moving his way, and with some help he can jump over the top.

    Tom Marino, PA-10: Depending on the firm, Marino is either tied or narrowly ahead in this Northeast Pennsylvania district. No recent polling has shown his opponent with more than 41% of the vote.

    Martha Roby, AL-02: Some polling has shown her down, by single digits, though RCP and Cook call this race a toss-up in this heavily Republican (Cook PVI R+16) district.

    Tim Walberg, MI-07: This race is a true toss-up, with recent polling showing Walberg down 6, tied, and up 4. This is definitely a district in which added last minute support could push the right man to victory. Watch this one and help Tim Walberg reclaim his former seat if you can.

    Brad Zaun, IA-03: Polling commissioned by each campaign in this race shows their man up by about nine points – another true tossup in which any and  all active support will help down the stretch.

    As for how you can give your support to these candidates, Free and Strong has all of the info you need, with links to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter for each of these candidates as well as their biographies, campaign sites, and opportunities to donate some much needed last minute funds online. There is only a week before we elect these individuals to lead this country in the House. Do everything you can to make sure that they are all there when the next Congress opens in January.

    More “10 for ’10” Candidates Announced

    October 25, 2010 Leave a comment

    Another slate of  “10 for ’10” candidates have been announced by Free and Strong America. The “10 for ’10” initiative is designed to bring attention on the closely fought races that may very well make the difference in control of the House of Representatives in the 112th Congress. Regarding the latest slate of candidates, Romney stated:

    “It is more important than ever before that we have elected officials who will make the tough decisions needed to put our country back on the right track.  It is my hope that this new initiative will serve as a resource for people to learn more about these critical races, and give them an ability to make a real difference that just might put our candidates over the top.  We can take back control of Congress, but only if we work together.

    Romney supporters and other fellow conservatives must work with Mitt to see these candidates elected. We need some strong conservative leadership in Congress, and the following individuals represent new opportunities for Americans, that our values can be represented in Washington.

    Sandy Adams, FL-24: Florida’s 24th Congressional District is ranked Leans GOP by RCP and Cook.

    Rick Berg, ND-AL: Berg’s race in North Dakota also leans Republican; Berg’s lead over Pomeroy has ranged from 3 to 10 points.

    Sean Duffy, WI-07: Former District Attorney Sean Duffy leads his opponent Julie Lassa 46-39 in the most recent polling.

    Keith Fimian, VA-11: One poll from September has shown Fimian leading Connolly 42-36. This race is ranked as a toss-up by RCP.

    Ryan Frazier, CO-07: Latest polling from August showed Frazier leading 40-39. Hopefully the continued wave and ongoing support will bring him to victory next week.

    Ed Martin, MO-03:  Ed Martin is running against the family name power of Russ Carnahan. Old polling shows Carnahan leading by 9 or more, though more recent internal polling shows Martin possibly leading. Help Missouri defeat two Carnahans on November 2. 

    Kristi Noem, SD-AL:  In a race that has seen the polls bounce throughout the past several months, Noem has once again regained control, now leading by 5: 49-44.

    Austin Scott, GA-08: Georgia’s 8th is ranked toss-up, although a Republican firm shows Scott leading by double digits: 51-35

    Van Tran, CA-47:  Polling from September shows Tran down only 2, while a more recent poll shows the two dead even. Let’s hope that Tran’s momentum will carry him into the lead next week. Even better, actively help Tran cross the finish line with the win.

    Allen West, FL-22: The latest poll shows our man, Allen West, leading the competition 47-44.

    Many of these candidates are in strong shape heading into the final week of the campaign, but none are safe and all could use the help. Visit Free and Strong for links to their campaign sites and information on how you can help!

    (This is actually wave three. Information on the second wave candidates to be posted soon.)

    Buerkle Among 10 for ’10.

    October 22, 2010 Leave a comment

    Governor Romney has introduced his “10 for ’10” initiative meant to highlight the races of competitive districts in the final stretch before the 2010 elections, ten at a time, with the goal of turning close races into the makings of a new Republican majority. As described on Free and Strong

    The critical November 2nd midterm election is just days away, and we have a very real chance of taking back control of Congress — but only if we work together. This is why Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC has launched its new “TAKE CONGRESS BACK: 10 for ’10” initiative, which highlights slates of 10 House challengers in key battleground contests who have been endorsed by the PAC. This initiative provides the PAC community — including its over 600,000 grassroots supporters on Facebook — with the tools to make a difference in these important races. Be sure to check back often for additional slates of candidates in the coming days.


    The first slate of candidates includes NY-25’s own Ann Marie Buerkle, who has surged into a very narrow 40-39 lead against freshman incumbent Democrat Dan Maffei. The page includes brief biographical sketches for the candidates, with links to the campaign site, networking sites, and opportunities to support the candidates with donations.

    Alongside, Buerkle, this set of featured candidates include:

    Charlie Bass and Frank Giunta of New Hampshire. Bass, in the 2nd district, has both led and trailed among the inconsistent shifting of recent polls. Giunta, meanwhile, has held a consistent lead over Carol Shea-Porter in the 1st district.

    David Harmer in CA-11. Polling shows Harmer narrowly leading his opponent 48-42.

    Joe Heck in NV-03. The most recent poll, from late September, puts Heck into the lead 47-44.

    Raul Labrador in ID-01. He narrowly trails Democrat Walt Minnick.

    Mick Mulvaney in SC-05 hasn’t had any recent polling released. Cook and RCP rate this race as a Toss Up.

    Steve Pearce in NM-02. Polls show Pearce lead between one and four points.

    Jeff Perry in MA-10. He is deadlocked with Bill Keating, trailing 46-43 in the latest poll.

    Steve Stivers in OH-15. The latest poll shows his lead up to 9 points, 47-38.


    Visit the “10 for ’10” page today for more information on these candidates. They very likely represent the conservative majority of the 112th Congress.