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Mitt Romney at CPAC 2011

This morning, Mitt Romney gave his address to the annual CPAC conference, where conservative bigwigs and potential Presidential contenders have an opportunity to meet and greet grassroots volunteers and activists.

No transcripts or video up yet. When there is, I will provide. Until then, I will offer my notes, quotes, paraphrases, summaries and excerpts of what I took away from the speech. Plenty of good lines and twitter bytes in there, really went after the administration hard.

Thanks Ann Romney for a very nice and sincere introduction, greets the crowd.

Bashes Obama for talking cuts in SotU then proposing new spending.”What we’re watching is not ‘Brave New World;’ what we’re watching is ‘Groundhog Day.’

Bashes Obama’s foreign policy. “America cannot endure much more of his they get, we give diplomacy.”

Bashes Obama for being lackadaisical on unemployment. “Obama says ‘It could be worse’. What’s next, ‘let them eat cake?’

In January, Canada created more new jobs than the USA. Obama ‘misery index’ at a new high. Unemployment, foreclosures. Won’t take a new America to fix. It will take a new President.

I wouldn’t ask Tim Geithner or Larry Summers how to start a business. I already know.

Overcrowded job fairs and unemployment lines are Obama’s Hoovervilles. 15 million American unemployed. Liberals should be ashamed.

Liberal policies have failed America. Social policies have failed unborn. Economic policies have failed to provide opportunities for work.

Administraton took over health care, tried for cap and trade, tried to impose new unions – theirs is a European solution to an American problem. It does not work there and it will never work here.

Discusses his father’s hard work and rise to wealth as an example of the opportunity granted by exceptional American free enterprise.

American exceptionalism. Despite last couple of years, we have not lost our way. “I will NEVER apologize for America.” Believe in America; our freedom depends on it.

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