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The 2010 elections have been won, but even so the next battle for control of this nation’s future is already underway. With dozens of new Republicans prepared bring the voice of the people to Washington in only a few weeks, the outgoing rejected Democrats are attempting to hijack the government away from the voters through a blatantly arrogant lame duck policy session in the final months of the year. Compounding the problem, this abuse of power also threatens our nation’s defense, as one of the travesties Democrats are attempting to thrust upon us is the New-START treaty that benefits Russia at our expense. Knowing that the disastrous agenda of the past two years is in danger of meeting its much needed end, Harry Reid is attempting to jam through a few more ideas, including START while he still has five more Senators backing him.

Since this past summer, Mitt Romney has been among the leaders of the fight to halt the ratification of this treaty. He continues this effort today, with another Op-Ed available at the Boston Globe in which he once again outlines the many liabilities of this agreement. After chiding this runaway Congress for this final attempt at damaging our nation, Romney argues:

A treaty so critical to our national security deserves a careful, deliberative look by the men and women America has just elected. The president is in a hurry for the same reason he has been in a hurry before: he knows that if his vaunted treaty is given a thorough review by the Senate, it will likely be rejected. And well it should be.

Afterward, Romney asks key questions that reveal the many problems with this agreement, including once again the failure to address the massive Russian advantage in tactical nuclear weapons, and the fact that it forces concessions from our strategic position while providing loopholes that allow Russians to threaten American strength with multiple warhead missile bombers and submarine launched cruise missiles.

It is a brief piece, but to the point and well worth reading. Follow the link.

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