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Reviewing the “10 for ’10” Second Wave

Free and Strong America has now highlighted 30 conservative House candidates as a part of the “1o for ’10” push to put these narrow races into the win column for the GOP. The first wave of ten candidates were announced and previewed last week and the third was announced and covered here yesterday.  Now, we take a brief look back at the deserving candidates highlighted as part of the second wave in the “10 for ’10” initiative.

Dan Benishek, MI-01: Dr. Dan in one of the more popular candidates of the conservative wave. Recent polling, including a Democrat firm has shown Benishek up narrowly.

Sean Bielat, MA-04: Bielat is taking on a massive challenge in trying to unseat Barney Frank, but with Frank consistently picking up less than 50% of the vote in polling the veteran Congressman is indeed vulnerable.

Diane Black, TN-06: With Democrat Bart Gordon calling quits, Black is now the heavy favorite to win this open seat. Ranked as “likely Republican” by RCP, Cook, and Rothenberg.

Steve Chabot, OH-01: The latest polling puts Chabot up 12 points on incumbent Steve Driehaus: 53-41.

Paul Gosar, AZ-01: Polling from August and September show Gosar ahead by a consistent 6-7 points in this prime pickup opportunity.

John Loughlin, RI-01: While ranked as “lean Democrat” polling into early October has shown Loughlin close to within 11 points. The momentum is moving his way, and with some help he can jump over the top.

Tom Marino, PA-10: Depending on the firm, Marino is either tied or narrowly ahead in this Northeast Pennsylvania district. No recent polling has shown his opponent with more than 41% of the vote.

Martha Roby, AL-02: Some polling has shown her down, by single digits, though RCP and Cook call this race a toss-up in this heavily Republican (Cook PVI R+16) district.

Tim Walberg, MI-07: This race is a true toss-up, with recent polling showing Walberg down 6, tied, and up 4. This is definitely a district in which added last minute support could push the right man to victory. Watch this one and help Tim Walberg reclaim his former seat if you can.

Brad Zaun, IA-03: Polling commissioned by each campaign in this race shows their man up by about nine points – another true tossup in which any and  all active support will help down the stretch.

As for how you can give your support to these candidates, Free and Strong America.com has all of the info you need, with links to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter for each of these candidates as well as their biographies, campaign sites, and opportunities to donate some much needed last minute funds online. There is only a week before we elect these individuals to lead this country in the House. Do everything you can to make sure that they are all there when the next Congress opens in January.

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