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More “10 for ’10” Candidates Announced

Another slate of  “10 for ’10” candidates have been announced by Free and Strong America. The “10 for ’10” initiative is designed to bring attention on the closely fought races that may very well make the difference in control of the House of Representatives in the 112th Congress. Regarding the latest slate of candidates, Romney stated:

“It is more important than ever before that we have elected officials who will make the tough decisions needed to put our country back on the right track.  It is my hope that this new initiative will serve as a resource for people to learn more about these critical races, and give them an ability to make a real difference that just might put our candidates over the top.  We can take back control of Congress, but only if we work together.

Romney supporters and other fellow conservatives must work with Mitt to see these candidates elected. We need some strong conservative leadership in Congress, and the following individuals represent new opportunities for Americans, that our values can be represented in Washington.

Sandy Adams, FL-24: Florida’s 24th Congressional District is ranked Leans GOP by RCP and Cook.

Rick Berg, ND-AL: Berg’s race in North Dakota also leans Republican; Berg’s lead over Pomeroy has ranged from 3 to 10 points.

Sean Duffy, WI-07: Former District Attorney Sean Duffy leads his opponent Julie Lassa 46-39 in the most recent polling.

Keith Fimian, VA-11: One poll from September has shown Fimian leading Connolly 42-36. This race is ranked as a toss-up by RCP.

Ryan Frazier, CO-07: Latest polling from August showed Frazier leading 40-39. Hopefully the continued wave and ongoing support will bring him to victory next week.

Ed Martin, MO-03:  Ed Martin is running against the family name power of Russ Carnahan. Old polling shows Carnahan leading by 9 or more, though more recent internal polling shows Martin possibly leading. Help Missouri defeat two Carnahans on November 2. 

Kristi Noem, SD-AL:  In a race that has seen the polls bounce throughout the past several months, Noem has once again regained control, now leading by 5: 49-44.

Austin Scott, GA-08: Georgia’s 8th is ranked toss-up, although a Republican firm shows Scott leading by double digits: 51-35

Van Tran, CA-47:  Polling from September shows Tran down only 2, while a more recent poll shows the two dead even. Let’s hope that Tran’s momentum will carry him into the lead next week. Even better, actively help Tran cross the finish line with the win.

Allen West, FL-22: The latest poll shows our man, Allen West, leading the competition 47-44.

Many of these candidates are in strong shape heading into the final week of the campaign, but none are safe and all could use the help. Visit Free and Strong America.com for links to their campaign sites and information on how you can help!

(This is actually wave three. Information on the second wave candidates to be posted soon.)

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