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Buerkle Among 10 for ’10.

Governor Romney has introduced his “10 for ’10” initiative meant to highlight the races of competitive districts in the final stretch before the 2010 elections, ten at a time, with the goal of turning close races into the makings of a new Republican majority. As described on Free and Strong America.com:

The critical November 2nd midterm election is just days away, and we have a very real chance of taking back control of Congress — but only if we work together. This is why Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC has launched its new “TAKE CONGRESS BACK: 10 for ’10” initiative, which highlights slates of 10 House challengers in key battleground contests who have been endorsed by the PAC. This initiative provides the PAC community — including its over 600,000 grassroots supporters on Facebook — with the tools to make a difference in these important races. Be sure to check back often for additional slates of candidates in the coming days.


The first slate of candidates includes NY-25’s own Ann Marie Buerkle, who has surged into a very narrow 40-39 lead against freshman incumbent Democrat Dan Maffei. The page includes brief biographical sketches for the candidates, with links to the campaign site, networking sites, and opportunities to support the candidates with donations.

Alongside, Buerkle, this set of featured candidates include:

Charlie Bass and Frank Giunta of New Hampshire. Bass, in the 2nd district, has both led and trailed among the inconsistent shifting of recent polls. Giunta, meanwhile, has held a consistent lead over Carol Shea-Porter in the 1st district.

David Harmer in CA-11. Polling shows Harmer narrowly leading his opponent 48-42.

Joe Heck in NV-03. The most recent poll, from late September, puts Heck into the lead 47-44.

Raul Labrador in ID-01. He narrowly trails Democrat Walt Minnick.

Mick Mulvaney in SC-05 hasn’t had any recent polling released. Cook and RCP rate this race as a Toss Up.

Steve Pearce in NM-02. Polls show Pearce lead between one and four points.

Jeff Perry in MA-10. He is deadlocked with Bill Keating, trailing 46-43 in the latest poll.

Steve Stivers in OH-15. The latest poll shows his lead up to 9 points, 47-38.


Visit the “10 for ’10” page today for more information on these candidates. They very likely represent the conservative majority of the 112th Congress.


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