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Loads of Iowa Endorsements from Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney has released thirty-eight (!) endorsements in the state of Iowa for this November. These range from Senator Grassley, and several Congressional incumbents and candidates in the state down to the level of Iowa State Senate, and State House. Altogether, Free and Strong America PAC is dedicating $41,500 to Iowa candidates. While Romney has endorsed dozens, if not hundreds of candidates nationwide, Iowa is only the second state that he has given this level of attention. The other: New Hampshire – so take what you will from that as far as Romney’s 2012 plans…

These endorsements go alongside the previous early endorsement of Terry Branstad, who is now solidly leading in his gubernatorial race. Check the entire list below or at Free and Strong America.com. If you live in Iowa, most likely you have a few candidates who have received Governor Romney’s support today.

Chuck Grassley – U.S. Senate

Steve King – U.S. House, 5th district

Tom Latham – U.S. House, 4th district

Ben Lange – U.S. House, 1st district

Mariannette Miller-Meeks – U.S. House, 2nd district

Brad Zaun – U.S. House, 3rd district

Brenna Findley – Iowa Attorney General

Dave Jamison –  Iowa State Treasurer

Matt Schultz –  Iowa Secretary of State

(Image from FreeandStrongAmerica.com)

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