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Mitt Romney’s Letter to Central New Yorkers for Ann Marie Buerkle

Courtesy of the 25th district Republican candidate’s Facebook.

It’s not happening the way President Obama and Congressional Democrats had planned.  Unemployment has grown to 9.6%.  Private sector investment in new jobs and capital has languished.  Even the heads of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers and White House National Economic Council have resigned.

Now the president and House leaders are doing everything in their power to retain their majority in Congress, even if that means glossing over their failure when it comes to jobs and the economy and ignoring their own poor record to distort those of their opponents.

Washington needs to discard its anti-investment, anti-jobs, and anti-growth policies for a new pro-jobs, pro-prosperity focus. Washington needs Ann Marie Buerkle in Congress. That’s why I am so proud to endorse her candidacy earlier this week.

Thanks to the innovative, can-do spirit of the American people, the economy will recover. But the same leaders who gave us the job-killing, so-called health care reform, cap and trade, and massive stimulus spending aren’t likely to change course to adopt a growth and jobs agenda.

So we need new leadership. We need to send Ann Marie Buerkle to Washington.

Ann Marie is a mother and grandmother, a Registered Nurse, small business owner, and accomplished attorney. She understands that the best way to spur our economy is to lift the burdens imposed upon small business by the president and this Congress. Ann Marie knows that raising taxes and expanding entitlements is a recipe for economic disaster.

In Congress, Ann Marie will extend the Bush tax cuts for Upstate families, enact real health care reform that doesn’t discourage job creation or take from Medicare, and stop the excessive spending.

If Central and Western New York voters want to change Congress, they need to change congressman. Won’t you join me in supporting Ann Marie Buerkle by contributing $25, $50, $100 or more to Ann Marie’s campaign? Thank you for your consideration.


Mitt Romney

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