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Romney’s New England Candidates

As stated in the previous post, Governor Romney has had a busy weekend working hard for conservatives as voters in several states seek to nominate the best reformers in their primaries this Tuesday. These have included not only the stop in New Hampshire, where he pledged support for the winner of their Senate primary, but also campaign appearances for several candidates in Romney’s former state of Massachusetts and neighboring Connecticut.

Charlie Baker is running against Deval Patrick for Governor of Massachusetts. This is obviously a race that means very much to Romney, as the past four years have seen the budget surplus and business friendly policies instituted by his administration tossed away by the reckless mismanagement of Patrick’s tenure. Throughout the summer, Baker has been arguing that Massachusetts has “had enough… Enough of the tax hikes, the broken promises, the insider deals, the special interests controlling what gets done on Beacon Hill, the unwillingness to make tough decisions that will help cities and towns save money, the lack of meaningful reforms.” Baker promises to make those tough decisions that have been avoided by Patrick. These include in his early agenda, limited state benefits only to residents of Massachusetts, cutting unnecessary construction projects, and bureaucratic reform designed for making Massachusetts a better place for business. Along with government cuts, Baker will focus on job growth for the state, through lowered sales taxes, lowered income taxes, a simplified tax code for business, and reformed government programs.

Charlie Baker for Governor 2010

  • Karyn Polito is running for State Treasurer in Massachusetts, where her opponent, determined tomorrow, will be either Steve Grossman or Steve Murphy. Returning to his former state, Romney was able to bring a strong personal endorsement for Polito, stating:

    When I was governor, I could count on Karyn Polito to stand with me when it came to keeping taxes low and cutting wasteful spending. She is a fiscal conservative who’s not afraid to take on the political machine. As treasurer, Karyn will be a watchdog for the people, and we need more people like her in state government.

    Polito meanwhile states that she intends to bring the fiscal conservative philosophy brought to the state by Governor Romney to her approach as State Treasurer. She will join Governor Baker in her support for reduced taxes and a simplified tax code providing a competitive atmosphere for business in Massachusetts. Meanwhile she will seek alternate means toward fixing the budget deficit in the state, specifically cutting spending and alternate sources of revenue such as expanded gaming contracts.

    Karyn Polito for State Treasurer

  • Jeff Perry has also received Romney’s attention in these final days before the Massachusetts primary as the former Governor has included campaign stops in the 10th Congressional district during his recent visit back in Massachusetts. Containing the south shore and Cape Cod regions of the state, the tenth is among the more conservative parts of Massachusetts, and having been vacated by retiring Democrat Bill Delahunt is very much in play this November. As a State Representative he has fought valiantly against efforts to see taxes raised in the state, opposing higher taxes as the answer to budget shortfalls and actively seeking the reduction of sales and fuel taxes. If victorious in tomorrow’s primary and in the November election he will bring the same philosophy to Washington, favoring low taxes and trusting the growth of small business as the answer to the unemployment problem.

    Jeff Perry for Congress

  • In Connecticut, Thomas Foley has received a great deal of support from Governor Romney. Connecticut has shown a leaning toward its Democratic candidates throughout the summer, but has since tightened considerably as Senate candidate Linda McMahon is now closing on Democrat Richard Blumenthal, and Foley is now within seven points of Dan Malloy. With Malloy still under fifty percent support, Foley’s message still has a solid opportunity to catch on to the voters of Connecticut, and there is significant reason to believe it will. For instance, his effort to make Connecticut “Employer Friendly.” Foley sees a growing unemployment rate as business flees the high taxes and complicated government mandates coming from Hartford. Though Jodi Rell has attempted to keep taxes low, Democrats in the state legislature have on multiple occasions overridden her veto to impose unnecessary fees and regulations on business. As a result, Connecticut’s taxes remain among the highest in the nation. As Governor, Foley will work hard to see the end of this, working to reduce government spending and see a bipartisan plan toward reducing taxes passed so that Connecticut can be more competitive for business.

    Foley is also running with Mark Boughton, the popular mayor of Danbury, and a proven reformer who has guaranteed the safety of his constituents while keeping spending under control.

    Tom Foley for Governor – More Jobs, not More Taxes

  • In addition to this, Romney has also focused outside of New England, where he has endorsed eight candidates from Nebraska, complete with financial contributions from Free and Strong America PAC. The many good points of these eight reformers, including popular and effective Governor Dave Heineman will be addressed in a coming post.

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