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Romney’s Unity Message in New England this Weekend.

After endorsing several candidates in the western states of Arizona, Oregon, Montana, among others, Mitt Romney has continued his ongoing tour of the nation by heading back to New England where he is rallying support for conservative causes in the final weekend before the September 14 primaries in several states, including New Hampshire. Romney’s busy schedule has included stops with Chris Foley of Connecticut, supporting his bid for Governor, then with Karyn Polito who has gained attention in Massachusetts in her campaign for State Treasurer. After that he has returned to New Hampshire, where he made the latest of several speaking appearances in the state at the Seacoast Republican Women’s Chili Fest. Finally today sees him focusing back on Massachusetts, where he is supporting Charlie Baker’s candidacy for Governor.

Seacoastonline.com has an interesting article today on Romney’s appearance at the Chili Fest, where he opted not to speak in favor of one specific candidate in the tightly contested Republican Senate primary among Bill Binnie, Kelly Ayotte, and Ovide LaMontagne. Romney did however state that he would grant his endorsement and financial support to the winner of the primary, stating that unity is necessary as we move away from the primary season and focus on the goal of electing Republicans to office.

We’re going to come together and make sure we’re successful in galvanizing the support that’s needed to elect Republican individuals to carry our message to Concord and to Washington.

Conservatives nationally need to heed his words. After this Tuesday the primaries will be over, and while some fear that candidates such as Kirk or Castle would be too liberal, while others such as Angle, Miller, or O’Donnell would be too conservative, once the choice has been made among primary voters it is time to rally around the victorious candidate.

Our focus needs to be in bringing to D.C. and the state capitals those who will focus on defeating the leftist agenda of the Democratic party, instead replacing it with true conservative reform. Emulating the actions of a Charlie Crist or Lisa Murkowski, in seeking or threatening a third party run to spite the conservative that defeated them only serves to benefit the leftist cause in the end. Here is hoping that the people in New Hampshire and Delaware after this Tuesday instead focus on the model presented by our friends in Michigan, who have united behind Rick Snyder and Dan Benishek after closely contested primaries.

Romney’s statements also focused on these reasons that we need to unite:

“They thought they would get the economy stronger by announcing they were going to raise taxes on small business, increase investment by announcing they would raise the tax on dividends, get more businesses to hire people by announcing it was going to be more expensive to hire people because of ‘ObamaCare… Frankly, almost everything they have done has had the exact opposite effect that they had hoped. This president keeps on saying he inherited a difficult economy. He sure did, but he’s not made it better, he’s made it worse.”

We need to defeat this sort of failed leadership that has allowed this recession to grow to the levels that it has, while creating a deficit that compounds the problem with a weaker dollar and heavier government intrusion. With the close of the primary season this week, we will have completed the effort in choosing the best leaders to rise to the challenges that will come with rolling back the failures of the Obama administration. After that, we must give those leaders the support needed that they can be victorious, and have the opportunity to undertake that daunting but important task.

  • As with many of Romney’s previous endorsements, Foley, Polito, and Baker will also be previewed here soon. The three are strong candidates and deserve the attention.

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