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Mitt Romney’s Many Many Endorsements – Michigan Part Two

Along with the five Republican incumbents endorsed yesterday, Mitt Romney is backing six challengers in the state of Michigan. Five of the following are running for Congress in open races or looking to unseat vulnerable Democrats. The sixth, Bill Schuette, is making a bid to become Attorney General in Michigan. As with the five incumbents previewed on here yesterday, Free and Strong America PAC is donating $2,500 to each of the campaigns of the five House candidates. Schuette meanwhile will receive $3,400 for his campaign.

  • Justin Amash is running in the 3rd district, which is an open seat due to the retirement of retiring Republican Vern Ehlers. Amash is a leader of the next generation, who at only thirty years old has achieved recognition as an effective representative in the Michigan House. A charismatic young leader, Amash is certain to have a beneficial influence representing Western Michigan in the U.S. House of Representatives with his reasoned, principled approach toward governing. On his campaign site, he dedicates a page specifically toward highlighting this approach, which includes reading each piece of legislation brought before him, publishing the agenda online, determining the worth of the legislation according to his set principles, publishing his voting record online, and answering to the American people on his voting decisions.

    Amash represents all of the strong points that are severely lacking among the leadership of the present Congress. His approach toward government accountability and transparency is sorely needed in this era of government run wild. His willingness to connect with the American people are a strong contrast to the tendencies of those among the Democrat majority today. Of course, it is far easier for Amash to address questions and comments from his constituents because he has no reason to be ashamed of his record. Amash believes in small government, individual constitutional rights, and economic freedom. Any principled conservative has to respect the approach Amash takes toward governing; Amash’s approach shows the respect he has for his constituents.

    Justin Amash for Congress

  • Dr. Dan Benishek has had an amazing path so far toward the Republican candidacy in the 1st district. He announced his intent to run against Bart Stupak in the wake of the left-wing cowardice of Stupak that saw to his support of the government takeover of health care. Benishek’s reasoned approach toward health care issues, favoring a free market approach centered around tort reform, appealed so strongly to the conservative leaning people of the 1st district that Benishek quickly launched into being a serious player in the Republican primary, and quickly saw Stupak seeking retirement. Three weeks ago, Benishek claimed victory in the primary with a margin of only fifteen votes (and avoided weeks of punishing recounts due to the respectful statesmanlike approach of his opponent, Jason Allen).

    Benishek’s candidacy has seen such a run of momentum that it appears truly blessed, yet his battle is not yet won as he faces State Representative Gary McDowell in a race rated by most as a toss up. His effort toward seeing victory in November centers around his four “R”s, that include his aims for seeing bills read, reducing the deficit, repealing Obamacare, and reforming Washington’s approach toward the American people. Properly focused on the economy, Benishek intends to approach all legislation with the aim of seeing jobs created for Michigan. Benishek represents the positive reform that can be gained from the frustration of American voters in the wake of the government hijack of our health care system last March.

    Benishek for Congress

  • Bill Huizenga has worked for Michigan in both the public and private sectors and is now seeking the open seat in the 2nd district currently held by Michigan conservative Pete Hoekstra. Huizenga is a strong fiscal and social conservative who has maintained a lifelong devotion toward protecting the right to life for Michigan’s unborn. As he proudly states regarding his approach toward the right to life on his campaign site: “This issue affects all of my political beliefs, and I will carry my passion for the unborn with me when I go to DC to proactively defend our youngest citizens.” As Huizenga rightfully understands the right to life is one of the founding principles of this nation, and although it is correct to focus on the immediate concerns of the weakened economy and exploding federal deficit, basic social principles such as the rights of the unborn cannot be set aside in the meantime.

    The 2nd district in Michigan is used to vocal conservative representation after nearly two decades of Pete Hoekstra. Huizenga is certain to maintain that tradition. In Washington, Huizenga will fight for lower taxes, and a balanced budget amendment. As always, these two combined mean a direct aim of making heavy cuts in federal spending. On taxes, specifically, Huizenga is a bold proactive conservative who sees the merit in a simple flat tax, fair to individuals of all tax brackets and far easier to manage for business owners strangled by the current intrusive big-government atmosphere.

    Huizenga for Congress

  • Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski is looking to contribute to the Republican wave of 2010 in unseating Democrat Gary Peters in the 9th district. His campaign is centered around the simple slogan of “Generate jobs. Reduce government. Protect America,” three aims that should be very high on the list of any candidate running for public office this year. The first two go hand in hand as Rocky explains on his campaign site. Government cannot create jobs, but can provide the atmosphere that allows for the success of private business to do so. “High taxes and burdensome bureaucracy,” Rocky states, “stifle job creation.” As for protecting America, Rocky has done so himself, as an officer and twenty-four year veteran in the U.S. Army Reserve. In Washington, Raczkowski will work to continue the campaign among conservatives to see America protected, defying the political rhetoric against the War on Terror, which he describes as “defeatist” and “irresponsible.”

    This race is rated as “Likely Democratic,” which really overstates the power of incumbency in this case. Peters is a freshman Democrat who took only 52% of the vote in the strong Democrat year that was 2008. Before then, the 9th had been home to conservative Joe Knollenberg. Meanwhile, Peters has represented his moderate-conservative district by being a 95% reliable vote for the extreme leftist agenda of Nancy Pelosi in the House. Rocky is a strong candidate for this seat with statewide name recognition. Republicans have a very good chance at seeing victory in this district.

    Rocky for Congress – Michigan 9th District

  • Tim Walberg is seeking to reclaim his old seat in the 7th district from Democrat Mark Schauer who defeated him in the midst of the Democratic victories of 2008. In doing so, Walberg stands proudly on his record and the issues that it reflects, as he rightfully believes that the behavior of Washington these past nineteen months have vindicated his conservative beliefs. When returned to Congress, Walberg will fight for the causes on which he contrasts so drastically from the current left-wing leadership seeking wide tax relief for individuals and business, vastly reduced government spending, a repeal of the health care takeover, and a return to traditional values, including the sanctity of life and the protection of the Second Amendment.

    This race is rated from toss up to “Leans Republican” by most ratings organizations. Schauer is a relatively weak freshman Democrat in a conservative leaning district who was unable to receive 50% of the vote even in his 2008 victory. Schauer is a hard leftist who defiantly supported the health care takeover, even approving federal funding for abortion. Walberg, meanwhile, is a conservative fighter. He fought to primary out the moderate incumbent Joe Schwarz in the 2006 Republican primary. He fought to win the seat in the general election later that year, and this November, Walberg will fight to retake that seat. The independent minded people of Michigan’s 7th have seen his style of principled leadership and the Pelosi style of overbearing governance and will make a choice between the two.

    Walberg for Congress

  • Along with the five Congressional candidates above, Romney has endorsed Bill Schuette, for Michigan State Attorney General. Schuette is a devoted conservative who has served the state of Michigan his entire life in varying capacities. He was a young Congressman, representing the 10th district for six years in the late 1980s. From there he went on to work in the Michigan Department of Agriculture, the Michigan State Senate, and most recently as a judge on the Michigan Court of Appeals. This year, he seeks to bring his years of experience in public service to Lansing where he will serve as Attorney General.

    A proud part of the Reagan Revolution, Schuette will bring these principles backing a strong nation and traditional values to the Attorney General’s office. Schuette understands that tough economic times often mean a growth in the crime rate. Schuette is particularly concerned about the increasing parole approval for sex offenders and violent criminals, alongside the simultaneous reduction in Michigan State Police. As tax and spend leftists seek to justify their unnecessary social programs and pork spending, they make foolish decisions that seek to free up more money at the expense of public safety. As Attorney General, Schuette will remain tough in the face of special interests and weak on crime politicians, leading the way for the people of Michigan in his goal “to make Michigan the safest place in America to raise our children.”

    Bill Schuette for Michigan Attorney General

  • Overall, this is a strong conservative slate that could revolutionize Michigan and this nation with a committed approach to conservative principles. Michigan has long suffered under the failed left wing policies of Democrats and the interests of their supporters in the big unions. The state very much needs leadership such as that which will be brought by these individuals should they win office. However, before that can happen, these candidates need the support of Michigan voters and conservatives nationwide. Visit their campaign sites. Learn more about them. If you can help them out with a contribution, please do so. Most importantly, if you are a resident of Michigan and eligible to vote for any of these candidates, make sure to get out this November – fewer than ten weeks now – and give them your vote.

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