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Mitt Romney’s Many Many Endorsements – Michigan, Part One

After publicly backing Michigan gubernatorial primary winner Rick Snyder, Mitt Romney formally endorsed a total of eleven Michigan candidates for the 2010 primaries. Ten of the eleven are running for the House: five incumbents seeking to return to Washington and five challengers looking to become victors in the midst of a Republican sweep. The eleventh candidate is seeking to work for Rick Snyder and the people of Michigan as the state’s next Attorney General. These endorsements will come with financial backing from Free and Strong America PAC totaling $28,400.

As with the endorsement of Snyder, Romney’s endorsement focused on the strong fiscal policies of the Republican candidates in the economically troubled state:

Rather than enacting policies that will strengthen our economy and put people back to work, too many of our leaders are instead focused on growing the size of government. It is more important than ever before that we have elected officials who will make the tough decisions needed to put Michigan – and our country – back on the right track, and that is why I am endorsing these candidates today.

  • First off, the incumbents:

    Dave Camp is a longtime Republican stalwart who has represented the 4th district since 1993. Residing in a district that has consistently sent a Republican to Congress since the 1930s, Camp is considered safe in his bid for reelection this year, although he will receive a challenger in Jerry Campbell. As 2010 sees a wave of new small-government minded conservatives sent to D.C, returning a veteran reformer such as Camp to his seat is crucial. In the wake of the last conservative revolution, in 1995, Camp was a notable leader in seeing the passage of welfare reform through Congress. With the overinflated spending habits of the Obama administration, fiscal conservatives such as Camp will have an even greater task ahead of them this time around.

    Camp backs the effort to repeal the intrusive Obama health care takeover, joining the fight as a ranking member of the House Ways and Means Committee to see the health care law replaced with “common sense solutions.” The effort will unfortunately gain no traction among the leftist controlled 111th Congress, but will prove to be valuable groundwork for the efforts introduced among the fiscal conservatives in the 112th.

    Dave Camp for Congress

  • Thaddeus McCotter is an outspoken conservative fighter from the 11th district to the northwest of Detroit. McCotter is a principled conservative whose strident support for the Iraq War and denunciation of the 2008 bailout made him a target for Democrats in their efforts to unseat the opposition in 2008. Fortunately for Michigan and unfortunately for the left, McCotter survived the wave and has since been a vocal opponent of the amateurish politics of the Obama administration. McCotter’s strong personality will enable him to be an effective leader in the efforts to undo the damage caused by the fiscal recklessness of the Democrat leadership in Congress since 2007.

    McCotter is sure to put forth a strong effort in rolling back government as part of coming Republican majority. He has made economic freedom his top issue, summarizing in a straightforward manner:

    Free people, free markets, free enterprise and private property are the pillars of prosperity that empower Americans to pursue happiness within their families, communities and our country. We must defend these pillars of prosperity against big Government’s seductive calls to exchange our private property for state benefits.

    McCotter Rocks – gotta back a guy who names his campaign site that way.

  • Candice Miller represents the 10th district in Eastern Michigan. First elected in 2002, Miller has been and remains a strong supporter of national defense issues that have sadly fallen to the wayside under the leftist tenure of Nancy Pelosi in the House. Of course, with the failure of the Obama administration to provide an atmosphere in which the private sector can begin to bring this nation’s economy out of recession, job growth highlights her platform for her reelection campaign. This means lower taxes for business, lower taxes for families, and combining her two strongest issues, support for the defense industry in Michigan.

    Miller’s support of national defense does not come at the expense of her fiscal principles. She remains a steady small government conservative, unhappy with the Bush administration for overseeing a significant growth in the federal deficit since 2001, and horrified with the unprecedented explosion in deficit spending under the Obama administration. Miller, consistently opposed to unnecessary government spending and the high taxation to which it leads, is sure to remain a disciplined leader among the coming Republican majority, advocating restraint when the GOP has control of the purse strings.

    Candice Miller – Working for Michigan

  • Mike Rogers has represented the 8th district since 2001. As with the vast majority of Republicans in Congress and running for election nationwide this November, Rogers is concerned with reviving the American economy. His efforts center around the energy industry. In a wise attempt to kill two birds with one stone, Rogers has taken the lead in creating a plan to improve the economy with the goal of achieving energy independence by July 4, 2015. This plan involves increased domestic drilling, new nuclear energy plants, supporting the coal industry for jet fuel, and tax incentives for energy efficient homes, appliances, and computer systems.

    Overall the plan would aim at producing and saving millions of barrels of oil, while adding thousands of jobs. Mike Rogers is providing a reasoned plan to lead this nation toward energy independence while the Obama administration foolish continues to prevent American energy workers from returning to their jobs and caves to the debunked research of environmental activist organizations. His efforts would alleviate the rising energy costs for the American consumer, protect important jobs neglected by the current administration, and provide another avenue for private business to return the nation to its previous economic strength.

    Rogers for Congress

  • Finally, Fred Upton in the sixth district seeks reelection to the seat he has held since 1987. Although considered by many to be a moderate among Congressional Republicans, a member of the Main Street Partnership weak on some social issues, Upton is a rock solid fiscal conservative who will do well in the expected economic agenda of the next Republican majority. Upton’s campaign is centered around his five point plan to reduce the punishing unemployment rate, second highest in the nation, faced by Michigan voters . The points to his “Putting Michigan Back to Work” plan include: tax credits for new home construction, a tax deduction for car payments, a 20% tax deduction for small business, the repeal of the health care mandate for businesses, and alongside his colleague Mike Rogers, the expansion of nuclear power.

    Beyond this, Upton is a crusader for the fiscal responsibility that is severely lacking among the leftist majority in the current Congress. On his campaign site Upton blasts the irresponsible tax and spend policies inherent in the 2011 budget proposal of the Obama administration and continued raising of the federal debt limit – an effort Upton describes as “a startling display of fiscal insanity.” The most distressing example of this Beltway indifference to public opinion has been the health care takeover, which was rammed through Congress against the will of a vast majority of voters. On this, Upton declares “The fight is not over…It is only beginning.”

    Upton for All of Us.

  • Indeed the fight is only beginning. Although the campaign fight for these five incumbents is largely won – all are currently considered safe to retain their seats – the fight to repeal and undo the damage done by the ineffective Democratic Congressional leadership of the past four years is only beginning. These candidates represent not just the start of that fight, but also the ongoing battle to strengthen this nation through positive conservative reform.

    Of course, for that fight to be won, these five will need many more conservative colleagues to support them. Part two will introduce the challengers in Michigan’s races, including the popular Dr. Dan, who will be the conservative leaders of the future.

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