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New START Update

Well, its Saturday morning and how are supporters of New START doing? Not so good, according to the Heritage Foundation.

New Poll Shows More Trouble for New START

Why New START is Failing

The first link is regarding a poll from earlier this past week by Rasmussen Reports surveying 1,000 American adults on various national security issues, many of which would be severely affected by the ratification of New START. The President is attempting to lead the country down a path advocated by the far-left since the early ’80s and the American people have no desire to see this. As Iran joins the ever-growing list of nuclear powers in the world, our defense needs to be stronger than ever. Unfortunately, we have a weak administration in D.C.

On top of this, or possibly because of it, the second link shows that weak administration pulling back the efforts to pursue ratification of the treaty. With a treaty so misguided that reasoned persuasion could not possibly lead to ratification, supporters of New START attempted to tear down opponents of the treaty with personal attacks. The latest reports show that this method has not exactly won the hearts and minds of many Senate Republicans seeing a bipartisan solution to this issue. Of course, it is still not yet time to relax and score a point for Romney over the Obama agenda. If the last nineteen months have taught us anything about the administration’s methods, it is that horrible defeated legislation too often manages to rise from the dead.

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