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Quick Polling Look: South Dakota

Rasmussen has done another poll showing some good news for conservative candidate and Romney endorsement Kristi Noem in South Dakota.

For the South Dakota at Large House seat, Kristi Noem now leads her opponent, incumbent Stephanie Herseth Sandlin by a 51-42 margin. This is a solid improvement over her 49-44 lead from last month, and shows that her strong numbers are not about to wither away any time soon. It also puts the challenger over the crucial 50% mark. Conventional wisdom indicates that an incumbent is in trouble when they cannot achieve 50% in polling. Common sense indicates that an incumbent is pretty much toast when their challenger pulls off a solid majority. This is the second poll by Rasmussen that has shown Noem over 50%, the first being two months ago when she led by a 53-41 margin, dismissed by some as a post-primary victory bounce. Now, this far removed from the primary, it is safe to say that this lead is for real.

Sandlin was touted as a major rising star for the Democrats. Should all proceed as the trend indicates, this will be a major victory for Republicans.


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