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Romney for Diane Black in Tennessee

Mitt Romney and his Free and Strong America PAC have turned their attention to Tennessee, endorsing Diane Black in the Republican Primary for the Sixth District. Romney’s statement supporting the candidate says simply,

“Diane Black’s blend of expe­ri­ence as a small busi­ness owner and a con­ser­v­a­tive Ten­nessee leg­is­la­tor make her the type of per­son we need in Wash­ing­ton. She will fight every day to put peo­ple back to work, decrease the fed­eral deficit and get our econ­omy back on track.”

The evidence shows that he is correct. Black has been a conservative leader in Tennessee since 1998, in the Tennessee House of Representatives, then as Chair of the Republican Caucus in the Tennessee State Senate. She is one of the many valued fiscal warriors that the excesses of this administration are bringing to the head of the Republican Party. At her campaign site, a federal debt clock (grown by more than six million dollars in the time I’ve spent writing this article so far) catches your eye. Black wishes to be elected by the people of Tennessee to fight this, proposing a balanced budget amendment, a reasonable simplified tax policy, and an end to automatic entitlement spending.

TN-6 is an open seat vacated by retiring Democrat Bart Gordon, and is very likely to flip to the Republican column in this oncoming wave. This primary fight will likely be the strongest battle to see who next represents the Sixth District in Tennessee, so it cannot be taken lightly. This nation desperately needs its citizens to send strong fiscal conservatives to Washington, to begin undoing the mess that these past eighteen months have given us. Diane Black is an experienced leader, capable of bringing the fight to Pelosi and Obama when it comes to unnecessary spending. As usual, the campaign site is below, take a look for more on her qualifications and positions.

Diane Black for Congress

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    P.S. – Today is the day in Michigan! Pete Hoekstra needs the support of all Michigan conservatives. Get out there and give him your vote!

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