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“Heat’s on in Michigan GOP Primary” – Politico

Heat’s on in Michigan GOP Primary – Tim Alberta – Politico

I am not going to touch the allegation against Cox, as politics is too dirty of a game already I really just do not know enough about it. I do know that as this article states, Hoekstra is running to the right while Snyder is playing as the moderate. Hasn’t Michigan had enough of liberalism and weak economic policies? Democrats and Republicans running as pseudo-Democrats are not what the struggling economy in Michigan needs right now.

Pete Hoekstra is the strong conservative among the big three in this race. Hoekstra has the tax policies that will foster business growth in Michigan. Hoekstra will seek repeal of the federal health care takeover, as it damages small business and individual liberties in Michigan and nationwide. Hoekstra has the courage to stand up to the big union interests and big-government Washington policies that are damaging this country.  Hoekstra is a man in the mold of Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal who is willing to show leadership during these difficult times following eight years of Granholm’s disastrous tenure. Michigan conservatives need Pete Hoekstra in their corner in November and beyond; do not let this opportunity slip away. Tuesday, August 3rd.

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