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Down the Stretch in Michigan…

…and Pete Hoekstra is in a three way tie. Tuesday’s primary shows all of the signs of being a close fought battle. As mentioned earlier, a Detroit News poll showed Cox and Hoekstra neck and neck at 26%, with Rick Snyder only slightly back at 20%. Yesterday, a new poll by EPIC/MRA, for the Detroit Free Press/WXYZ shows Snyder jumping that gap to pull ahead of his challengers. The poll of 400 likely voters shows the moderate Snyder narrowly leading the pack with 26%, with Cox at 24% and Hoekstra, Romney’s endorsement, at 23%. Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, a good man just unable to get any traction in this primary, trails at 10%.

There is some good news for Hoekstra in the latest poll, however. He leads 28-25-22 over Snyder and Cox among those most likely to vote. Conservatives, meanwhile, back him 28-24 over Cox, with Snyder taking 21%.  The difficulty for Hoekstra on Tuesday lies with the fact that Snyder takes a massive 43% of liberals and moderates.

Even so, Hoekstra trails within the margin of error in the overall poll. Michigan Conservatives need to be wary of this primary. The conservative split between Hoekstra and Cox is allowing the moderate Rick Snyder to jump to the forefront of this race. Nevertheless, with three days to go, this primary is completely up in the air. The internals of the poll show a fair share of enthusiasm surrounding the Hoekstra campaign. If that can translate to a greater share of conservative votes, it will mean victory on Tuesday.

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