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Eight Problems with the New START

Governor Romney has unleashed another volley of well organized criticism, this time through a National Review Online editorial. Within, Romney argues a point by point case addressing the many faults of the treaty, from discussing in detail its limitations on American missile defense, to the advantages that Russia will be able to maintain in tactical nukes, multiple warhead bombers, MIRVs, and the weakened accountability to their stipulations of the treaty. The piece clearly shows how the proposed treaty benefits Russia in such a lopsided manner to the detriment of our national defense and the protection of our allies. Romney’s detailed analysis easily refutes the points that Kerry and Lugar attempted to make in favor of the treaty in their rebuttals to Romney’s first op-ed.

The treaty really is a failure in negotiation on the part of the U.S. State Department and further poor leadership by the Obama administration.We only need 34 Senators to unify against this train wreck. Conservatives nationwide need to fight to see that this treaty is unable to be ratified by the Senate.

Beyond this, there is not much more that I can say on it that Romney has not already argued more strongly in his piece. So go ahead and click the link, already. It is really a very worthwhile read.

Eight Problems with the New START – Mitt Romney – National Review Online

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