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Romney Fundraising for CA

At least, this is what is being reported by Fox News. Its buried in the story a bit, but Romney’s ongoing tour of the nation appears to include stops on the behalf of Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, who is challenging Barbara Boxer in California. As a conservative, I have mixed feelings about Fiorina. During the primaries I thought Chuck DeVore might have been the more conservative candidate. Of course, the primaries are behind us now and it is time to rally around Fiorina. To her credit she is running a solid, conservative campaign, and is unafraid of arguing her pro-life position in a state that is conventionally considered to have a largely pro-abortion electorate. Such a move shows courage, a dedication to principle, and a willingness to differentiate herself from Boxer and the current Democrat majority of the Senate. A strong candidate such as that is deserving of all of the help Governor Romney, and all conservatives can give.

Anyway, Romney is not the only one scheduled to drum up some support and money on her behalf. Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani are also on the list. Sarah Palin has also endorsed Fiorina, and will likely join in. This is all very important, because Boxer is vulnerable but has a pretty significant war chest backing her up. Carly can win this, but she needs the money to finance the campaign, beyond digging into her own personal wealth.

Recent polling varies from Boxer up by 7 points (Rasmussen), to Fiorina up by two (Survey USA). No poll in recent months shows Barbara Boxer meeting the fifty percent threshold considered for an incumbent candidate to be considered remotely safe. Most indexes currently show this race somewhere between Lean D and pure Toss Up. The feeling is that Fiorina needs just a little bit more to take this one, and hopefully the support of Mitt Romney and his fellow big name conservatives can help her take that step in getting it done. Democrats may think that they have a stranglehold on California. Hopefully this is the year that citizens of the Golden State remember their conservative side. They did, after all, give us Ronald Reagan.

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