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Polling Outlook: Georgia, Michigan

This past week Rasmussen has done some polling to determine the latest trends in the very close race for Governor. Governor Romney has endorsed Karen Handel, joining Sarah Palin, Jan Brewer, Redstate.com, among others. Her primary opponent, Nathan Deal, has Newt Gingrich in his corner – admittedly not a weak endorsement in the state of Georgia. Last Tuesday, before the first round of the primary, Handel was shown as dead even against Deal – each at 25% in the four way race according to a Rasmussen poll of 943 likely voters. Her margin of victory was quite a bit greater than that, as she took 34% of the vote in an eleven point victory over Deal. Nevertheless, the runoff depends on the direction taken by former Johnson and Oxendine supporters. The runoff will be held on August 3.

Regarding the general election, both Handel and Deal narrowly lead the Democrat Roy Barnes. Handel takes a 45-44 lead, this also according to Rasmussen. In a somewhat unsettling sign for the runoff, Deal holds a bit of a larger lead for the general election. Although, should Handel win in the runoff, her narrow lead over Barnes should hopefully increase, as currently divided Republicans unite behind the candidate.

As for Michigan, a Detroit News poll from last week shows Mike Cox neck and neck with Pete Hoekstra, at 26.4% and 25.6%, respectively. Rick Snyder takes 20.2% of the vote, while Mike Bouchard claims 11.6%. Mitt Romney, Michigan’s native son, has endorsed Hoekstra for the primary, also to be held on August 3.

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