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Romney Endorses Handel for GA Governor

The latest of Romney’s many endorsements nationwide concerns the hotly contested Georgia primary runoff, in which Governor Romney has taken a stand alongside fellow conservatives backing Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel for Governor. Karen Handel seeks to continue Sonny Perdue’s trend of conservative leadership in the Peach State, with a focus on providing a competitive atmosphere for small business in Georgia, and strengthening education through the fostering of Charter Schools. Handel is known particularly for a strong stance on illegal immigration, instituting new requirements for citizenship verification in order to vote in the state of Georgia, and the SAVE program dedicated to verifying active work visas for non-citizen seeking employment within the state.

Romney today endorsed Handel through Free & Strong America PAC, stating of her:

“A successful businesswoman and public servant, Karen Handel’s blend of executive, political, and business experience is just what Georgia needs at this critical time. The leadership skills that she has honed in both the private and public sectors will enable her to make tough decisions and enact the reforms needed to get the economy back on track and foster job creation.”
  • Good leadership is something that Romney knows well, and something that this country needs with the incompetence coming out of Washington. Take a look at Handel’s campaign site, linked below, for further information on her stances and qualifications.
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