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Romney back home in Michigan today.

He is campaigning for Pete Hoekstra in his gubernatorial bid. Hoekstra is one of several Republicans seeking the job, but one who has amassed a conservative record representing Michigan’s 2nd district in Congress. Hoekstra is quite an outspoken conservative in the House. He was a champion of the Iraq War during the Bush administration, has boldly spoken out against Islamic radicalism, and has worked to be a thorn in the side of the Pelosi-Obama leftist agenda during the past 18 months.

Should Hoekstra win the Governorship, the House will be the poorer for the absence of his conservative determination. Nevertheless, the state of Michigan needs his brand of ability and work ethic in order to lead it out of the mess created by the incompetence of Jennifer Granholm and her failed leftist policies over the past eight years. Michigan is a state that conservatives have long wanted to see return to the GOP column. With a massive deficit and the worst unemployment in the country, such a shift to conservative leadership is desperately needed in the state.

This year, Chris Christie has shown the country what a tremendous difference a strong conservative Governor can make for a state beaten down by years of incompetent liberal policies. Pete Hoeksta is a man in that mold, and will do well for Michigan. Governor Romney obviously believes the same, and is therefore giving candidate Hoekstra – future Governor Hoekstra – his support.

As usual a link to the candidate’s website is below for one’s own visiting pleasure.

Pete Hoekstra for Governor – On the Job for Michigan.

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