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Romney Blasts New-START

Governor Romney is championing the conservative cause, this time from a foreign policy perspective. In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Romney lists the many foreign policy failings of the Obama administration, before rightfully declaring New-START, Obama’s “worst foreign policy mistake yet.” The article is excellent and a must read. Although, one can argue that as Governor of Massachusetts, Romney has had almost as little foreign policy experience as Obama had before taking the Presidency, the article once again shows the fundamental flaw of the Obama administration: a lack of leadership ability and executive experience. Romney details the points of the treaty with a keen eye, noting the many loopholes within that benefit Moscow at the cost of our national defense. Romney then outlines the fact that the terms of New-START will ignore the thousands of Russian tactical nuclear missiles that are ignored under the limits of the treaty, and threaten the safety of our European allies, concluding that due to its many flaws “New-Start is a non-starter.” Of course, my brief summary does not do it justice. If you’ve read this far without clicking the link above, then click the one below to read the piece for yourself.

Mitt Romney: Obama’s Worst Foreign Policy Mistake – at Washingtonpost.com

Once again the issue is leadership, something I have a feeling I’ll be arguing on here quite a lot over the next two and a half years. Mitt Romney has shown it as CEO of Bain & Co. and Bain Capital, as Governor of Massachusetts, and as a leader of the conservative movement in exile, endorsing and financing dozens of campaigns in this year’s quest to take back America. Mitt Romney has leadership skill; Barack Obama does not. The treaty is riddled with goal-defeating loopholes and dangerous missteps over which a capable executive would have confronted Moscow or scrapped the treaty. Obama, presumably read these stipulations, and willingly signed away a fair share of our national defense. Of course Obama should not take the entirety of the heat for this. Before thinking that the solution to 2012 lies in the Democratic primaries, remember that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has her thumbprint all over this. The U.S. delegation negotiating this travesty was led by Assistant Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller.

Looking at this treaty point by point, one is forced to wonder whether the administration is entirely incompetent or is deliberately and systematically weakening this country piece by piece. Romney is once again correct, in not only should the Senate resoundingly reject New-START but also “demand and scrutinize the full diplomatic record underlying the treaty.”

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