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Mitt helping in New Hampshire

A brief article over at Fox News…

Of course, this will send pundits asking what it means, particularly next month when he travels to Manchester. Any time a potential presidential contender does anything remotely involving New Hampshire or Iowa, it triggers all sorts of speculation about his intentions. With Romney, though, it doesn’t really tell much of anything in that regard. He’s spent the last year and a half visiting all around the country, raising and donating money for conservative 2010 candidates. He has been showing great leadership in reviving the strength of the Republican party.

While I hope and expect that he will ultimately decide to run for President, the more important story here is the potential for renewed Republican strength in the northeast. New Hampshire is showing that, with Carol Shea-Porter in serious trouble, the open seat in NH-2 a toss up, and Kelly Ayotte looking likely to keep Judd Gregg’s seat in the Republican column. No conservative should write off any part of the country as too liberal to get a candidate elected – not with the damage that this administration is doing. Its the lesson that Scott Brown taught us last January. Excessive government spending, poor leadership, and an arrogant indifference to public opinion are making people across the nation rethink the wisdom of letting Democrats have control. I think Governor Romney understands this, and sees New Hampshire not just as an important early primary state, but as land to be reclaimed for conservatives this fall.

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