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On Mitt’s South Dakota Endorsements.

South Dakota is a conservative state, with conservative values that is sending entirely too many Democrats to represent them in D.C. Republicans are aiming to change that in 2010, with Kristi Noem leading the way in a strong bid against pseudo-Blue Dog Democrat Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

Sandlin claims to be a moderate voice for South Dakota, but does so with the permission of the leftist leadership of her party. She opposed Obamacare, likely with the cover of Nancy Pelosi once she had secured enough votes to have the abomination passed. Previous votes show strong support for increased federal involvement in health care. Blue Dog credentials aside, though, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin is a supporter of abortion, actively opposing pro-life legislation in South Dakota, and has voted with the liberal leadership of her party 92% of the time. Kristi Noem is a better choice for the people of South Dakota. She is pro-life. She seeks less government involvement in health care, favoring instead seeking tort reform and reduced costs through the free market. Also along with any reputable conservative today, seeks an end to the excessive government spending that is destroying this country.  Rasmussen polling as of June 14 shows Noem leading Herseth Sandlin by a strong 53-41 margin. Political ratings currently have it between Toss-Up and Lean Dem, but polling shows this to be a prime pickup opportunity over a Democrat who was considered a major rising star just a couple of years ago.

Lt. Gov. Dennis Daugaard meanwhile seeks to continue the conservative leadership of the state of South Dakota in succeeding Mike Rounds as governor. Daugaard is a down to earth, principled candidate who even devotes a page on his website to the values of hard work, personal responsibility, and being a good neighbor.  Daugaard may have some small weak spots from a conservative standpoint, expressing in 2000 his backing of increased sin taxes and favoring affirmative action in college applications. Nevertheless, he has shown an understanding of the economic times pledging not to increase any taxes as governor and expressing the need for state governments to create a competitive atmosphere for business to encourage job growth. Daugaard’s answer to health care is that it should be managed at the state level. He supports the nationwide effort to see Obamacare significantly scaled back, if not repealed outright. Dennis Daugaard is also a leader in pro-life causes across the state. If elected, he would continue in the footsteps of Rounds in protecting the rights of the unborn.

Noem and Daugaard are ultimately two strong candidates in this Republican year. Links to their campaign sites are below.

Kristi Noem: http://www.kristiforcongress.com/

Dennis Daugaard: http://www.dennisdaugaard.com/

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